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Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Update!

I finally posted the lyrics to You Were Here, and I'll be posting the lyrics to Fighter, Parade, Hello, World!, and Colony in the upcoming days. Unfortunately, as the lack of updates recently have shown, I'm just too busy to keep up with translating all of BUMP's news and activities (they do SO much.) I'm still going to leave those parts of the site up, but they won't get any more changes, probably. I might catch up with the staff diary when I have time though. I still love BUMP more than ever, of course, and as they release more and more songs and albums I'll keep posting the lyrics and translations here!! I feel like they are only continuing to get more awesome, as well as more popular, all the time!! Yeah!!! :D

You Were Here English Lyrics Translation


You Were Here

The wheel turns and leaves, into the distance
Keeping our two bodies apart
With a sound left reverberating in our eardrums
We each return to our nights alone

It was over unbelievably quickly
The time of magic ended in an instant
With my head in an unfixable mess
I return home to my pillow

Once I could hear your voice
The memories of your light are there when I close my eyes

They’re still there, they haven’t disappeared
Those memories are still bright and shining to me
But one day they will be gone, they’ll disappear
Even though
Even though they are so dear to me now

My body cried so much
My heart grieved
I pick up and touch one petal of confetti
It speaks to me, like a fossil

I wonder, was I able to tell you what I meant?
But what in the world did I want to say?
I believe that your yesterdays were, and that your tomorrows will
Be very bright

When you meet someone, you will surely say goodbye
But although so much time has passed—

I want to see you again, see you again
I want to see you again, see you again
You are here, but I am not
I want to be with you
In yours yesterdays and tomorrows

La la la…

They’re still there, they haven’t disappeared
I will walk above the time that has passed
And overcome everything to see you again



You Were Here




まだ消えない 消えないよ
でもいつか消えちゃう 消えちゃうよ


伝えたかった事 伝わったのかな


また会いたい 会いたいよ
もう会いたい 会いたいよ

La la la…

もう消えない 消えないよ



Long time, no translation! Well, I’m back on track to translate BUMP’s newest 5 songs that I missed out on earlier. :) I’m starting out with You Were Here. Wow, wow, wow, what a song! As always, BUMP pulls a reversal and ends on an optimistic note. I really like the video, the colors, and the sound, and I was hooked from the very first notes. I really can’t compare this to any previous BUMP song in terms of sound, and Fujiwara’s voice is so polished and beautiful. Please experience the song for yourself if you haven’t heard it yet!

Watch the official music video on BUMP’s Youtube channel:

Japanese lyrics from:

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Still behind, but I am making an effort to catch up. Lots of exciting things going on with BUMP recently! Please expect these to be translated and posted as soon as possible. ^__^

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello, I'm catching up on the things I missed translating before and have a few updates!

The Staff Diary

Some news in the News section (I have 2 articles left to go though)

The Media Info magazine section

Also, the Staff Photo Gallery has been updated and now has photos from May 24th in Tokushima, May 31st and June 1st in Hokkaido, and June 7th and 8th in Hiroshima.

I'm still working on those 2 news articles as well as Chama's Twitter and the TV media info. Good stuff is happening for BUMP! But for now, good night~

Saturday, July 19, 2014

BUMP New Single & Live TV Performance!

Big news, BUMP fans!

I've been crazy busy with some unlucky events and I'm late with this news, sorry!
I was informed by Ryu about this awesome news! Ryu informs me:
Bump of Chicken will be appearing on the Music Station 3 hour special on July 25th and will be performing "Niji wo Matsu Hito" and "ray" live. This will be the first time that Bump of Chicken have ever performed live on Music Station (or any music show, I believe) in their career.  In addition, the band will be releasing a new song for digital download onAugust 1st, the day following their Tokyo Dome show (July 31st).  The song will be titled "You were here" and will be released on Recochoku and iTunes for download.

This is a huge deal since Bump were one of the bands who were very stubborn about appearing on music shows because they didn't want to shorten their songs and dull the impact of their lyrics (I imagine that probably means that Music Station agreed to let them play the full versions of both of the above songs).  Still, that plus a new song release are fairly big deals (Japanese social media is blowing up with the news). 
Source:  http://natalie.mu/music/news/121000 
This is awesome! Thanks for the information Ryu!! I'm preparing to move right now but I will be working on translating recent news and stuff as soon as I can. :D

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 3rd Update

Hello! Updates are here!

The Staff Diary has some new entries.

Chama's Twitter is up-to-date.

The Staff Photo Gallery now has Shizuoka pictures from May 17.

That's all for now~

Monday, June 23, 2014



Chama's twitter is now all translated:

Also, in the News section there is an update on the final show of WILLPOLIS:
It's basically just a link to an external information page about tickets and stuff, but I’m not planning on translating it since it's not part of BUMP's site. However, if anyone wants to know anything, just send me a request and I'll happily translate part or all of it! ^_^

That's all for now~