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Friday, March 14, 2014

RAY English Lyrics Translation



We said goodbye a long time ago, I guess
The new light confined us, and the heels of your shoes were worn down
I saw our time together, although I can't see it any more
The transparent comet is faint, but it is all I am searching for

We were always singing, and at that time our song
Contained no loneliness, because we were used to loneliness

Any time, any place, what is normal, what is strange?
It was so hard to keep walking forward that you couldn't even think
It's much better to be sad, to just let yourself be lied to and smile
Don't worry, even if your pain is forgotten it won't be erased

Your road paved with ideals will be repainted by reality
From that miracle your memories will turn into light and be left behind
Why and for what purpose did we say farewell?
A strong light stretches my shadow out far before me

Sometimes you will have a fever, and you'll have to sleep when you have time
Although I know it was a dream, since I met you I'll try again

We are far from clear skies, in endless darkness
When you remember the stars, you'll realize you are in the Milky Way
You may grow to rarely cry, you may clean your shoes like new
Don't worry, even if your pain is forgotten it won't be erased

I know there must have been something you wanted to tell me
It was probably something ordinary, but still…

Our parting was tied to our meeting
That transparent comet can't ever disappear since it is transparent

Circle, X, triangle, whichever, you can compare yourself to others
There's no time to be sure, but you know that being alive is the best

You may grow to rarely cry, you may smile when others lie to you
Don't worry, even if your pain is forgotten it won't be erased

Don't worry, when the light starts to shine you will be there




お別れしたのはもっと 前の事だったような
君といた時は見えた 今は見えなくなった
透明な彗星をボンヤリと でもそれだけ探してる

しょっちゅう唄を歌ったよ その時だけのメロディーを
寂しくなんか無かったよ ちゃんと寂しくなれたから

悲しいほうがずっと良いよ 誤魔化して笑ってくよ

理想で作った道を 現実が塗り替えてくよ
思い出はその奇跡の上で 輝きになって残ってる
お別れしたのはなんで 何の為だったんだろな
みがましい光が僕の影を 前に長く伸ばしてる

時々熱が出るよ 時間あるとき眠るよ
夢だと分かるその中で 君と会ってからまた行こう

晴天とは程遠い 終わらない暗闇にも
星を思い浮かべたなら すぐ銀河の中だ
あまり泣かなくなっても 靴を新しくしても

伝えたかったことがきっと あったんだろうな
恐らくありきたりなんだろうけど こんなにも…

お別れした事は 出会った事と繋がっている
あの透明な彗星は 透明だから無くならない

丸バツ三角どれかなんて 皆と比べてどうかなんて

あまり泣かなくなっても 誤魔化して笑ってくよ




I just got on Spring break and now I have time to update all the stuff that's been going on with BUMP!!! But for now I must make this very brief. What an amazing song!! It has the BUMP fakeout that we fans love so much, by which I mean you think the song is going to have a sad message but ends up uplifting you. :D It's so great and encouraging!!

There are two different versions of the music video!

You can watch the BUMP version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4BLiOP1aaY
And you can watch the Hatsune Miku version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT_ylSCgY6Q

Japanese lyrics are from the wonderful Datenshi Kuriko who transcribed the lyrics by ear!!! Which is fantastic!!! Thank you for letting me use your transcription. ^__^

Enjoy the song and video!!! And expect more updates on the site very soon! Also, I have been getting a lot of messages from people about the site piling up in my inbox and I will reply to those very soon as well! :D


  1. Thanks for translations. ( ;_;)
    Btw, i will use it to my PV project.

    1. You're welcome! And please go ahead and use it on your project. I'd love the link after you finish, and I will post it here if you like! ^__^

    2. http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=535858 feat. Hatsune Miku
      http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=535856 BUMP OF CHICKEN

      Re-translate ( "_")

    3. Hello!
      Are you asking me to re-translate the song? I do sometimes make mistakes so I'd be happy to fix them. :D

    4. Weird, did my comment get eaten? Was typing a longer comment, but to summarize, I like yours better, theirs is a little awkward, with things like "Sorrowful ray confined us" or "Transparent comet vaguely shines". That said, I do hear a few differences that I've taken the liberty to check against other sites and the differences are:

      Datenshi Kuriko's <=> Theirs
      新しい光は封じ込めて踵磨り減らしたんだ <=> 悲しい光は封じ込めて 踵すり減らしたんだ
      悲しいほうがずっと良いよ 誤魔化して笑ってくよ <=> 楽しい方がずっといいよ ごまかして笑っていくよ
      みがましい光が僕の影を 前に長く伸ばしてる <=> 悲しい光が僕の影を 前に長く伸ばしている
      夢だと解るその中で 君と会ってからまた行こう <=> 夢だと分かるその中で 君と会ってからまた行こう

      Hope this helps.

    5. I'm sorry if I made any mistake...
      I don't know this is official lyrics or not.
      And I know my japanese not good.
      Welp, I will improve my listening skills and your comment "get eaten".

    6. Hi ^^
      Actually, I am the one who translate the song. I am still newbie to translate song and English isn't my mother language, of course there will be some mistakes, I apologize for that T_T
      Me, too I think Datenshi Kuriko's version is better but I translated the song based from the source here: http://mojim.com/twy104445x35x3.htm

      And I've tried to listen to in slow motion. Try to listen it in 0.5 speed, I heard "kanashii" instead of "atarashii"
      I chose mojim's version because word "kiseki" they used is 軌跡--> traces, instead of 奇跡--> miracle, even though kiseki "miracle" is more common used in songs.

      悲しい光は封じ込めて --> Kanashii hikari wa (watashitachi wo) fuujikomete. Because tojikomete is transitive verb, it's not the light's being confined (光は封じ込む)
      Yeah, Japanese is really good to hide their "subject" or "object". Who's the subject or object in the sentence? It's the job of translator to understand that T__T Yeah~~

      I apologize for my bad grammar and some mistakes in translating. T0T

    7. This is an interesting discussion! Yeah it's always hard to make out the lyrics in a song. >_< I re-listened to RAY a few times just now. I'm really grateful to transcribers since I usually don't do the transcriptions myself, just the translations!

      Ah! You're right about 封じ込めて, Nakari! Thank you, I will fix that mistake.

      Thank you to everyone who is translating and transcribing BUMP songs, and helping find mistakes. We will help each other catch our mistakes so it's OK! :) Plus, the more we practice the better we will get right? ^_^

    8. It's cool, translating is a difficult business, as long as everyone is open to criticism and discussion without being hateful, I think it's all good and we can all benefit from this.

    9. Wow, this discussion is getting interesting XDD
      Uhuhuhuhu~ translating is really difficult...
      Now, I take Japanese as my major in university. My sensei told me "the best translation is "not looked like a translation." But still... It's really difficult T__T
      Actually, this is the first time for me to listen to BUMP's song and I think I've fallen for their song <3
      Can someone suggest your favorite BUMP's songs to me?

    10. And on top of that, you're translating it into English as well, that must be amazingly difficult. Keep up at it, I'm sure you'll improve if you keep trying.

      I'll leave the music recommendations to LIBERO, I've not heard enough BUMP to recommend anything myself. You should at least try KARMA:

      Game Opening version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYHVEpAtM0U#t=2m34s
      MV version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTdcxQZcQAE

    11. How many languages do you speak, Nakari? It's awesome you're putting your skills to use! I wish I could learn about a dozen more languages haha. :)

      As for recommendations, oh man!! I could list a bunch but I'll put down a few you'll definitely like:

      I'm Sure You Saw the Red Sky Too / 真っ赤な空を見ただろうか
      Glass Blues / ガラスのブルース
      Three Star Quartet / 三ツ星カルテット
      No Hit No Run / ノーヒットノーラン
      Angel Fall

      All of these are fantastic songs, please check them out! ^_^

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Wow!! Kibbitz-san and Libero-san, thank you for your recommendations XDD.I will listen on them >0<
      I will improve my English and Japanese to keep up my translation XD
      Because my nationality is Indonesian, I only speak Indonesian, a little bit English and Japanese.
      Wish I can learn Chinese too T_T (And that's also mean, Japanese kanji will be mixed up with Chinese hanzi :p)

    14. I hope you enjoy the songs. ^_^ And it's amazing that you speak so many languages! Keep it up! :D

    15. oh yeah...I cry whenever I listen to Glass no Blues. Is it me or the song is so touching? Hahahaha

    16. I feel the same, it's probably my favorite song by the band! I love the 28 years version. :)

  2. Found your site because of this song. I knew about BUMP through Karma, but this song resonates better with me. Amusingly, while I am a Miku fan, I found out about this through a subbed PV of the regular version online.

    Anyway, thank you for keeping up this wonderful site. I'll probably be back more as I get around to discovering BUMP's music. That said, whatever I may think of their music as a whole, Fujiwara's voice is beautiful.

    1. What a lovely comment! ^__^ I'm so happy this site is helpful to you! I also first learned about BUMP through Karma and then it all began haha. XD I guarantee if you listen to more of their music you won't be disappointed!!! :)

    2. I'm in the middle of checking out FLAME VEIN actually, it's less my type of sound than the bits of the album 'ray' I've heard so far. Not BAD per se, just that I think I like their direction since then, based on what little other stuff I've heared.

      Funny, I started checking out FLAME VEIN because someone who rated their album 'ray' one star on Amazon JP was complaining about how horrible their music has become and how (s)he wished that they'd sound like way back then.

    3. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, someone rated RAY as 1? It's too bad they don't like it, it's such an amazing album!! :0 I love FLAME VEIN but I agree with you that BUMP has really found their sound now. Man, just looking back on their earlier stuff and their newer songs, you can really hear how much they've become masters and it's awesome!!! :D

    4. Yeah, well, it's certainly a thing. Someone replied to the 1 star review and said this:

      でもこれが今のBUMPだ。FLAME VEINのレビューなんか求めていない

      I generally poke at the one-stars to see if there's anyone who writes anything long and detailed to see their criticism, it's usually interesting assuming it's valid. That one is harsh, but it's understandable at least, you want to listen to what you want to listen to, so your favourite band changes in a direction you dislike is generally an unpleasant thing.

      This guy is worse though:
      若い奴に勧められ聞いたが、レベルが低い。 DeepPurple LedZeppelinなどのアルバムのような臨場感がない、、、 はっきりいって今の 音楽時代は腐ってるであろう。

      But anyway, I shouldn't focus on the unpleasant stuff, so I'll probably stop on topic of bad reviews here.

    5. That is really harsh! Wow. I'd like to think that these people didn't even listen to the album!! I think people can be a lot meaner on the Internet than in real life sometimes, so maybe that's it. :/

  3. Hi☆
    Let me share your wonderful translation work at my blog,please ! To me, Your English version is so touching, better than even an original Japanese version.
    Please visit to my blog when you have time. Many thanks☆

    1. Hello!
      Please feel free to use the translations! :D I'd be very happy if more people got to read them. You can link back to this blog if you like. ^^ Ahhh you think it's that good?? Thanks! I'm sure I can't convey a lot of the intricate meanings Fujiwara intended, he is such a genius in both music and lyrics. Also, your blog is very nice! Thanks for visiting. :)

  4. この歌は初めて聞きましたのでほんとう大好き❤。the first time I heard this song when hanabi festival in my university(Kyushu institute of technology). This song has a beautiful meaning ❤️. 私は大好きだよ❤️!。