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Friday, March 14, 2014

OK one more thing....

OK so I just posted the lyrics of RAY (which I wrote about under OPINION in the previous post) and that is the most recent thing relating to BUMP that I have done in the past month due to CRAZY finals projects over the past month.... But WHOA!! I just checked BUMP's official website and it is TOTALLY changed! Like, new sections and everything. I am going to have to add some new sections to this site to keep up with it. ALSO, it looks like they removed the old Takahashi Diary??? I was very fond of it, but now it looks like this is the only site that has it on record! I will keep the Takahashi diary up for anyone who is interested because it can be very entertaining. :) I had posted most of the diary, so it's incomplete... But at least a lot of it will be there. ^_^

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