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Monday, March 17, 2014

Morning Glow English Lyrics


Morning Glow

I chased after it in a daze
But now in reality I realize it was fake
I treasured it, but actually
I was just imagining things

Now that I understand so clearly
It turns out I don't even need it anymore

I feel like I've given up
Even being myself
Just feeling this way, and thinking about it countless times
A complicated answer turns out to be simple

I was gazing at
My old future
Even that will one day become the past
We will let go of many things
And be perfectly free

No matter how many times we say goodbye
We have never been apart since we first said hello
Because I will always remember
The you from before you tried to change yourself

Someone who thought they would always be together
Knew that they were always apart
We got along well
No, that wasn't true
Wave goodbye to all of those feelings

You say you've forgotten
You should forget
But I'm sure you'll forget even that
But won't you remember
When you need to?

No matter how much time separates us from this moment
This time will not go away
The you who tried to change yourself
Will stay just how you were always

I just wanted to become lost
Let me say goodbye
We always try to draw things out
Saying it's because we're friends
What I, a coward, needed
Was not a bit of courage
But true fear
Look, here comes the morning

What are you doing?
For what purpose?
I was vague, but
I don't believe in myself
So I want to hear someone else say
That it wasn't futile

No matter how far you separate from yourself
You can't get away, of course
In the end you've grown to dislike
The person you've become, right?

No matter how many times we say goodbye
We have never been apart since we first said hello
The you who tried to change yourself
Has never met anyone at all

Has never even met yourself



Morning Glow

あんなに夢中で追いかけたのが 嘘みたいだけど本当の今
大切にしてきたけど 実はただ そう思い込んでいただけ

あまりにもはっきり 解ってしまったね

まるで自分が自分でいる事を 諦めたような気がする
気がするだけで 何度考えても 複雑なようで単純な答え

古くなった未来を 見つめていたんだよ
沢山手放して 完全に自由だ

いくつのさよならと出会っても 初めましてとは別れないよ
あなたが変えようとしたあなたを きっと覚えているから

ずっと一緒だと思っていた人とは ずっと別々だったと知る
仲良しだった そうでもなかった 万感の思いで手を振る

忘れられたって 忘れなきゃいい
必要な時には 思い出すんじゃないの

どれだけ今から離れても 無くならないから今があるよ
あなたを変えようとしたあなたは ずっと前から変わらない

迷っていたいだけでした お別れ言わせて
毎度お馴染みの理由で また延長
小さな勇気じゃなくて 本当の恐怖 ほら朝が来る

何のためどころか 何をしているのかさえ 曖昧だったけど
信じないくせに 誰かに言ってもらいたい 無駄なんかないよって

どれだけ自分から離れても 当たり前だけど離れないよ
あなたは変わったあなたも やっぱり嫌になったでしょう

いくつのさよならと出会っても 初めましてとは別れないよ
あなたを変えようとしたあなたは まだ誰にも出会っていない




I think this song couldn't have been written by a very young person, it just feels so wise and experienced. BUMP is pretty young though. I mean, I'M not even as old as them, so why do I feel like I understand this song? I guess I don't really fully get it. But then again, BUMP can convey any feeling to any person with their songs. This is really a pretty sad song, don't you think? A friend has forced theirself to become someone they're not. In the beginning of the song the speaker talks about going through a similar experience himself. He wanted to become someone he wasn't then realized it was a hollow dream. It's not fake or bad to improve yourself, but it's not good to try to force something that's not in your heart. I think that in the end, this is not a depressing song at all, though. The speaker remembers his friend as they were, and one day the friend will realize that they are not being true to theirself too. Hmmmm. Yes, I liked this song! I hope you enjoy it! It's given me something to think about.

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