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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Owner of the Dream / 夢の飼い主 English Lyrics Translation


The Owner of the Dream

I don't remember when I was born
But I was breathing
There's no reason for it
But I knew my birth parent at a glance
I tried to nestle close to her with my still small, pale body
When she noticed this she gave me a name

"How long have you been there? Do you want me to hold you?"

I had no way to answer yet
So I simply drew my body closer
It was a bit warm

Her trivial days changed a lot
Feeding me, taking me for walks
We were always touching
She unwound her necklace and wore its cord down to her clothes to connect us
If anyone came by she showed me off and held her head high

"We'll never be apart. I'm so attached to you."
I never want you to forget so come close to me
So please remember this

I'm never lonely because I'm with you
But you began to call my name less and less

I don't remember when I was born
But I was breathing
However, I've already become something very different from my name
I've forgotten what color my skin was and how I used to move
And I forgot the name that she gave to me

The dream has completely changed, and tears fall on my cheek
Even if I try to touch it, it's texture is different
I take off the clothes that I put on myself and tears fall
Ah, that's right, my body was this pale

"Did you contaminate yourself with your own hands? Did you imprison yourself?"
The necklace came off my suffering neck
And I became free

I'll always be by your side
We'll be together forever
It wasn't a necklace or a cord
What drew me close to you
Was all my choice

I'll never be lonely
Because I'm living with you
Just call my name and it'll be all right
OK? Don't forget that




生まれた時は 覚えてないが 呼吸はしていた
理由はないけど 生みの親は ひと目で判った
まだ小さくて 白い体 擦り寄せてみた
彼女は やっと それに気付いて 名前を付けた

「いつから側に居たの? 抱いて欲しいの?」
答える術も無いから ただ 身を寄せたよ
少しは あったかいかな

くだらなかった 彼女の日々は 大きく変わった
餌を与えて 散歩にも行って 沢山触った
首輪を巻いて 服まで着せて 紐で繋いだ
人が来れば 見せびらかして 鼻を高くした

「少しも 離れないの よく 懐いてるの」
忘れられたくないから ひたすら身を寄せるよ
それで 覚えていてくれるなら

寂しくはないよ 君と居られるから
ただ 名前を呼んでくれる事が
少しずつ 減ってきた

生まれた時は 覚えてないが 呼吸はしていた
既に 名前とは 懸け離れた 姿にされていた
自分の色と 動き方を 忘れてしまった
彼女もいつか 付けた名前を 忘れてしまった

変わり果てた 夢の頬に 涙落とした
触ってみても その感触は 別のものだった
自分で着せた 服を脱がして 涙落とした
あぁ そうだった こんなに白い体をしていた

「この手で 汚していたの? 閉じ込めていたの?」
苦しかった首から 首輪が外れた

いつでも 側にいるよ ずっと 一緒だよ
首輪や 紐じゃないんだよ 君に身を寄せるのは

寂しくはないよ 君と生きているから
ただ名前を 呼んでくれるだけで いいんだよ
ねぇ それだけ 忘れないで



What a seriously pretty song. It's like a story but also a disordered collection of thoughts that really feel like the hazy memories from early childhood. You don't really know who owns the dream or what is psychically real, but in the end the emotions are the only important thing.

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