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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Present / プレゼント English Lyrics Translation



Excuse me, just now
I think I heard the sound of tears falling around here
And rushed over. I wonder whose tears they were?
Come to think of it, your eyes are quite red

Um, yeah
Oh, I know! I'll give you some stories as a present
Be sure to read them, OK?
Well then, see you later

There've been nights I felt there was nobody else in the world
There've been mornings I was flooded with the feeling that I did not exist
It's easier to just close your eyes and only see dreams
And if you close your mouth you can live without being disgusted by lies

I did those things and made a sturdy door
And enclosed myself in a room made of the strongest walls in the world
But though I should have desired lonliness, what my ears were waiting for
Was the sound of the gentlest knock in the world

Um, yeah
I'm sure that, even now as you shiver, you're crying so you can smile
Your silent voice cries to be saved, just as you should be

It's fine, it's more important than courage, or energy, or life
It's not a problem, although there are so many problems
But you know, I made a door in a room of just walls
I hate it all, though I love it

Um, yeah
It's all right, you just haven't found your true self yet
No matter who you are, you aren't alone
It's terribly embarassing, but it's something you can't escape
That's me, that's me
It's really difficult, it's something you can't entrust to anyone
But that's me
Just, well...

Someone at least is a friend to you
The inhabitants of the stories I give to you as a present
Well, what are you going to do from here? I'm afraid I've got to go
Listen, I can hear the sound of falling tears somewhere again




お訪ねします この辺りでついさっき
涙の落ちる音が 聴こえた気がして
駆けつけたんだけど 誰の涙かな
そういや君は ずいぶん赤い目をしてるね

そうだ いくつかの物語を プレゼントしてあげる
ちゃんと 読んでおく事 いいね
それじゃ また後で

世界に誰もいない 気がした夜があって
自分がいない 気分に浸った朝があって
目は閉じてる方が楽 夢だけ見ればいい
口も閉じれば 呆れる嘘は聞かずに済む

そうやって作った 頑丈な扉
この世で一番固い壁で 囲んだ部屋
ところが孤独を望んだ筈の 両耳が待つのは
この世で一番柔らかい ノックの音

きっと 今もまだ震えながら 笑おうとして泣いて
音の無い声で助けを呼ぶ それは 正しい姿

このままだっていいんだよ 勇気も元気も 生きる上では
無くて困る物じゃない あって困る事の方が多い
でもさ 壁だけでいい所に わざわざ扉作ったんだよ
嫌いだ 全部 好きなのに

大丈夫 君はまだ君自身を ちゃんと見てあげてないだけ
誰だってそうさ 君一人じゃない
ひどく恥ずかしい事で でも逃げられない事で
そりゃ僕だってねぇ そりゃ僕だってねぇ
本当に面倒な事で 誰にも頼めない事で
まぁ いいや

少なくとも 君には味方がいるよ
さぁ これから何をするんだい 僕はもう行かなきゃ
ほら またどこかで 涙の落ちる音



In terms of both sound and meaning, seriously, what a great song. It reminds me a lot of their other song "Laugh Maker." Both are stories in which a stranger (who represents a friend) cheers up someone who is alone and crying. There is also a cool music video to go along with this song... but unfortunately it seems to have been removed. Darn!!! It's pretty cool too.

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