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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday / ホリデイ English Lyrics Translation



No failures, no regrets, life is great
I tried to think a bit, but I knew it was impossible

The flower you gave me wilted in less than three days
If I'd asked someone who know they'd have told me I gave it too much water

This isn't going well, the days blur together
I'd prefer to stop, but I can't do that either
That's the thing. I don't even have a clear reason

The multicolored flower you gave me actually bloomed
I wish it would bloom forever, but I know that's a fantasy

It's raining outside. With half-open eyes I see that my watch has stopped
I wonder what time it is? But then I close my eyes

Somehow or other it's already morning
Maybe I'm late, I gotta get up
No wait, it's a holiday, I don't have to get up today
I'll continue my dream

No failures, and my flower doesn't wilt, life is great
See what happens! I found it on the back of my eyelids

Maybe it's time that I get
To the door, it's getting late
Wait, it's a holiday, I don't have to get up today
But it's no good! I can't sleep

This isn't going well, the days blur together
I try to stop, but it's still hopeless
At this rate morning will come soon

No failures, no rain, and no life
Doesn't matter if I'm late, I'll go anyway
If I can remember what time to head home
I'll go buy the kind of flower you gave me, and watch batteries too

I'll turn over two more times, then I'll try to get up

I'll turn over three more times, then I'll definitely get up




失敗しない 後悔しない 人生がいいな
少し考えてみただけさ 有り得ないって解ってる

君に貰った花 3日と持たず 枯らしたよ
詳しい人に話聞けば 水の遣り過ぎらしい

巧くいかない 日々が繋がって
いっそ 止めたくなって それも出来ない
そんなモンだって 割り切れた訳でもない

貰った花 色とりどり ちゃんと咲いたよ
いつまでも続けばいいな これは夢だって気付いてる

外は雨降り模様 薄目で見た時計が止まってる
今何時かな 気になったけど 目を閉じてしまった

どうやらまた 朝に繋がった
遅刻かも 起きなくちゃ
いいや、ホリデイ 今日は起きないぞ
夢の続き 見るんだ

失敗しない 花も枯れない 人生がいいな
ざまぁみろ 僕は見つけたぜ まぶたの裏側で

もしかしたら そろそろ玄関を
開けてなきゃ やばい頃
だけど ホリデイ 僕は起きないぞ
駄目だ 眠れない

巧くいかない 日々が繋がって
いっそ止めてみたら なおさら酷い
こんな僕だって 朝を繋いでる

失敗しない 雨も降らない人生なんて ない
遅刻でもいいから 行こうかな
そんで 帰る時覚えてたら
君に貰った花を 買って帰ろう 時計の電池も

あと 2回 寝返りしたら 試しに起きてみよう

あと 3回 寝返りしたら 今度こそ起きてやろう



This is s fun song! It's definitely one of their most lighthearted. It perfectly captures the lazy feelings as well as the guilt of being unproductive on a day off. Sometimes I find this song stuck in my head on vacation days. Enjoy!

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