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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merry Christmas / メリークリスマス English Lyrics Translation


Merry Christmas

I head someplace down a cheerful, tree-lined road
Everyone I pass is a stranger

The town is just like a toy box, like magic
Sparkling lights seem to play tricks and hide

Behind a bus are voices singing in prayer

But tonight I really just can't be kind
Taking it all in, I just can't smile

My woolen hat cries out loudly, saying
It wants to take the stars floating in the sky and use them as decorations

Waiting in vain… wrist watch… red cheeks
As I warm my cold hands with my white breath

The weather satellite is always orbiting

I really just can't be kind to anyone
Taking it all in, I just can't smile

I feel more lonely by myself than usual because
I want to be happier than usual
'Cause I'm making comparisons

I bump the shoulder of someone I'd been watching, and lower my head
A precious person embraced by a liar

The town is just like a toy box, you and I
I understand who I am, and lights sparkle

Things I won't forgive, things I don't understand, things I won't admit, things I won't talk about

But tonight I really just can't be kind
Taking it all in, I just can't smile
I can't really be kind to myself either, I can't smile and have fun with you

I guess I can't smile

Waiting for a traffic light, surprised voices call out at a shooting star
I missed it like always, why is it always like this?

But despite that, today was fun
Since somebody got to see it, it's a wonderful thing

With that thought, I suddenly wanted to tell someone
I want to tell someone, I want to tell you

I want to be kind, I want you to look at me
Everyone I pass is a stranger

La la la…

Strangers… But the same, la la la
On the other end of the cut-off phone… The same, la la la
Wouldn't that be nice? But it's not true
Outside of my earphones… The same, la la la

Merry Christmas...




嬉しそうな並木道を どこへ向かうの
すれ違う人は皆 知らない顔で

街はまるでおもちゃ箱 手品みたいに
騙すように隠すように キラキラ光る

バスの向こう側で 祈りの歌声

今夜こそ優しくなれないかな 全て受け止めて笑えないかな

大声で泣き出した 毛糸の帽子
空に浮かぶ星を取って 飾りたいと言う

待ちぼうけ 腕時計 赤いほっぺた
白い息で冷えた手を 暖めながら

ずっと周り続ける 気象衛星

誰かに優しく出来ないかな 全て受け止めて笑えないかな

いつもより ひとりが寂しいのは
いつもより 幸せになりたいから

肩ぶつけて 頭下げて 睨まれた人
嘘つきが抱きしめた 大切な人

街はまるでおもちゃ箱 あなたも僕も
誰だろうと飲み込んで キラキラ光る

許せずにいる事 解らない事 認めたくない事 話せない事

今夜こそ優しくなれないかな 全て受け止めて笑えないかな
僕にも優しく出来ないかな あなたと楽しく笑えないかな


信号待ち 流れ星に驚く声
いつも通り見逃した どうしていつも

だけど今日はそれでも 嬉しかったよ
誰かが見たのなら 素敵な事だ

そんな風に思えたと 伝えたくなる
誰かにあなたに 伝えたくなる

優しくされたくて 見て欲しくて
すれ違う人は皆 知らない顔で


知らない顔で 同じラララ
しまう電話の向こう 同じラララ
そうだといいね そんなこともないかな
イヤホンの向こう 同じラララ




This song is pretty confusing and disjointed, but I think it's supposed to be that way. It reflects how the speaker is conflicted and uncertain. When I try to analyze it seems like the speaker has recently broken up with an ex and wishes they could be spending Christmas together. It's a bit sad but it's still a great song. There are normal and an extended versions of this song and also a music video! The video really has a Christmasy, happy feeling. Check it out below to see BUMP OF CHICKEN as street musicians. :D

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