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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Halcyon / ハルジオン English Lyrics Translation



I was making a rainbow, but when I stretched out my hand it disappeared
I stood stock still, holding a tin watering pail, in the early afternoon
Now what was the name of that tall, white flower?
That bloomed outside of my field of vision as if it had been forgotten

My memory of it will fade and grow hazy
I've must remember that flower I forgot

Now when was it? That day my wounds were wet
Within the blurred lanscape, it swayed but did not blur
Now when was it? That day I lied to myself
The rhythm of its swaying seemed to sing with the wind

Someday If I suddenly remember, it will come to me
When it was white, it was always swaying there, but for whom? For what?

When you've lost reason to live
When you've forgotten your worth
Look there, you can see it, the swaying white flower
Just remember this one thing: to sway but not break

I was making a rainbow, and I wanted to try to touch it onece
When you become an adult, you laugh scornfully at dreams at hopes
However we still keep repeating our mistakes without realizing
Even when we become adults, we reach out to touch the rainbow we made

Ask the people who have traveled too far and wide
What is the thing that moves you now? What color is it? Where is it?

I lost my dreams somewhere along the way
And left them with my hope somewhere far off
Look there, even now, the swaying white flower
I didn't realize that I knew it's color and place all this time

I was making a rainbow, and before I knew it the flower had wilted
And in my field of vision were only uncountable puddles of water
Something precious to me had died without even making a sound
My tin watering pail filled with tears

I'm still
Making a rainbow, over and over I cling to this
I know I can't touch it, but still I reach out my hand
Now what was the name of that tall, white flower?
I know it's dead, but it bloomed for me

I realized too late, I hung my head
And among the puddles I saw tiny sprouts, new sprouts

I found my reason to live again
And now my worth is reborn

Even if it wilts, a flower that does not die will bloom
It spreads its roots deep within me

Look, right here, a swaying white flower
I didn't realize, I had forgotten the name
If it sways within me
It sways without breaking, it's an unshakable faith




虹を作ってた 手を伸ばしたら 消えてった
ブリキのジョウロをぶらさげて 立ち尽くした 昼下がり
名前があったなぁ 白くて 背の高い花
視界の外れで 忘れられた様に 咲いてた

色褪せて 霞んでいく 記憶の中 ただひとつ
思い出せる 忘れられたままの花

いつだったっけなぁ 傷を濡らした あの日も
滲んだ景色の中で 滲まずに 揺れてた
いつだったっけなぁ 自分に嘘をついた日も
正しいリズムで 風と唄う様に 揺れてた

いつの日も ふと 気付けば 僕のすぐそばで
どんな時も 白いまま 揺れてた 誰のタメ? 何のタメ?

生きていく意味を 失くした時
自分の価値を 忘れた時
ほら 見える 揺れる白い花
ただひとつ 思い出せる 折れる事なく 揺れる

虹を作ってた 一度 触れてみたかった
大人になったら 鼻で笑い飛ばす 夢と希望
ところが 僕らは 気付かずに 繰り返してる
大人になっても 虹を作っては 手を伸ばす

幾つもの景色を 通り過ぎた人に 問う
君を今 動かすモノは何? その色は? その位置は?

夢なら どこかに 落としてきた
希望と 遙かな距離を置いた
ほら 今も 揺れる白い花
僕は気付かなかった 色も位置も知っていた

虹を作ってた いつしか花は枯れていた
視界にあるのは 数えきれない 水たまりだけ
大事な何かが 音も立てずに枯れてた
ブリキのジョウロが 涙で満ちてった

虹を作ってる すがる様に繰り返してる
触れられないって事も 知りながら 手を伸ばす
名前があったなぁ 白くて 背の高い花
枯れて解ったよ あれは僕のタメ 咲いてた

気付くのが 遅くて うなだれた 僕の目が
捕らえたのは 水たまりの中の 小さな芽 新しい芽

生きていく意味と また 出会えた
自分の価値が 今 生まれた

枯れても 枯れない花が咲く
僕の中に深く 根を張る

ほら ここに 揺れる白い花
僕は気付かなかった 忘れられていた名前
折れる事なく揺れる 揺るぎない信念だろう



What an awesome song. It really fools you into thinking that it's going to end sadly when it suddenly lifts back up. It makes you feel like you experienced the same things as the character in the song. I love the part, "What is the thing that moves you now? What color is it? Where is it?" One of BUMP's later songs that I haven't gotten to yet, "Dandelion" has a flower as an uplifting character as well. It's just my theory, but I think BUMP's flower was inspired the flower in The Little Prince. In fact, a lot of BUMP OF CHICKEN's songs kind of have the same vibe as the Little Prince... Sad, but cute, ultimately optimistic, and also childlike in the sense of being imaginative and innocent.

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