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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glorious Revolution / グロリアスレボリューション English Lyrics Translation


Glorious Revolution

You ask what I have got to be proud of?
As long as I've got my name, my birthday, and my cute fingerprints, what else do I need?
Spread the word about your aesthetics in your loudest voice
Isn't being in the spotlight, being a dynamo, enough?
You're breathing, just little you in your corner of the world, but it's true
I'll say it for you, look, how long are you going stay chained to your reponsibility?
Glorious revolution
What will you grasp with those hands of yours? Will you strike out? What flag will you fly?
Run through the shortest point of the minefield of complaints
Your suit of confidence is such a very fine costume
That the other people see fit to iron it, and send it back to you
Are you shaking? You're trembling with excitement, right?
You're breathing, in your corner of the world, and you understand
You call out, but hey, when will you realize? The key is your responsibility too
Glorious revolution
What have your eyes seen? What will they see? What will they discover?
Glorious revolution
What do your ears hear? "I'm a loser?" I pray it's "We are the champions"
The truth is you can fly, far away, if you're so inclined
Throw away those chains, they were unfastened all the while
Those heavy, strong chains of responsibility
Glorious revolution
Free yourself, do what you like, you're better than you ever imagined
Glorious revolution
What? I'm chained too? With heavy, strong chains of responsibility
Glorious revolution
I give up, I can't get them off, and I've probably lost the key
Glorious revolution
It's just reality, these things happen
Don't look at me like that




胸を張って誇れるモンが 自分にどんだけあるのかって?
名前と誕生日と キュートな指紋さえあれば充分だろう
そいつを さぁ 精一杯の大口で耽美に語ればいい
ステージライトなんて ダイナモで充分だろう
呼吸をしてんだ 世の中のスミ 小さく でも確かに
言葉にするんだ ホラ いつまでつけてんだい? その自前の手錠をさ
その手で何を掴むんだい? 殴るんだい? 何を掲げ上げるんだい?
弱音という名の地雷原を 最短距離で走ってこい
自信という名のスーツは 大層丈夫な造りだから
凡人の一般論は アイロンかけて送り返せ
震えてるのかい? そいつは武者震いだろう
呼吸をしてんだ 世の中のスミでもちゃんとわかるように
それを叫ぶんだ ネェ いつになりゃ気付くんだい? カギも自前だろう?
その目は何を見てきたの? 見ていくの? 見いだすの?
その耳に何が聴こえるの? 「I'm a loser?」 願わくは「We are the champion」?
実は飛べるんだ その気になれば そりゃもう遠くへ
放り投げるんだ その外したばっかりの
エラい頑丈に造っちまった 自前の手錠をさ
意外にもリッパな自分を 自由気ままに 逃してやれ
なんだコレ オレにもついてるじゃねぇか エラく頑丈な自前の手錠がさ
まいったな コレ とれねぇしよ カギも多分 失くしちゃった
こういうケースもあるという リアリズム



This is one of BUMP OF CHICKEN's oldest songs. It was really fun to translate and look closely at the lyrics. A lot of parts are ambiguous and poetic,  but I think the English version makes sense. It's kind of an unusual song for them because the speaker ends up as a hypocrite and gives up after encouraging the listener. It's an interesting twist!

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