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Sunday, October 21, 2012

ほんとのほんと / The Truest Truth English Lyrics Translation


The Truest Truth

So many cutting words struck the wall, tumbled down, and grew cold
The noise of many people grew quiet, and only time could slip through

One person hurts another, and thus both hurt
They part feeling the same, and they were together feeling the same

I wanna hear your voice, but I can't speak up
Even though my heart keeps calling out to you

I am scared, I am hurt, I am miserable, but it's important… it's hidden and locked away, and I pretend to forget
I protected it all this way, the truest truth, that the two of us were always calling out to each other

Because I put on the face of an adult, the way I lived became sort of rough
It's normal, but what's normal is so difficult, and I was swept away by time

Those cuting words precisely pierced through my heart, tumbled down, and grew cold
I can't do anything, will I go on like this, trembling and pinned down?

Try to figure out why I'm with you, I can't really find the answer
Though my body realized long ago

The naked voice from when you were born, when you were a wild animal, and hadn't grown up
You touched it at the same time, like a mirror

If this were the end, and you came back, it's OK, as long as you keep going
I'll protect you, the truest truth is that just even once, we got to embrace each other

We can never be apart, truest truth is that we will be two, always.




尖った言葉がいくつか 壁にぶつかって 転がって冷えた
ざわついたまま 静かになって 時間だけがすり抜けた

誰かが誰か傷つけて だからどちらも 傷ついて
お揃いの気持ちで 離れながら お揃いの気持ちで側にいた

声が聞きたくて なかなか声が出せなくて
心は何度も 呼んでいるのに

怖くて痛くて惨めでも大事で 隠して鍵かけて 忘れたふりして
守ってきた ほんとのほんとが 二人分でずっと 呼び合っているのに

大人の顔をしてから 生き方がちょっと 雑になった
普通の事だし 普通が大変で 時間に大体運ばれた

尖った言葉が的確に 胸を貫いて 転がって冷えた
何も出来ないよ 震えながら 押さえつけていくのだろう

側にいる意味を考えて なかなか辿り着けなくて
体はとっくに 解っているのに

生まれた時くらいの裸の声で 動物のままで 育たない声で
鏡みたいに 同時に触って

今が終われば今までに戻って それでもいいよ 今の続きなら
守っていく ほんとのほんとが 一度でもちゃんと 抱き合えた

分けられない ほんとのほんとが 二人分でずっと



This is one of BUMP OF CHICKEN's newest songs, I just heard it for the first time and had to translate it!!
Wow, this song feels like one string of powerful vocals that doesn't follow the typical structure of a song. I was immediately struck by the emotion in the singer's voice. Also, I LOVE the title, and the way it fits into the song. I'd say this is one of BUMP's love songs, and although the relationships they sing about always seem to be complicated, they always end on a heartwarming note. Feeling powerless, not wanting to be or become an adult, keys, mirrors, and separation. Fujiwara's songs often deal with not being able to communicate your true emotions to someone (here, in line 5, the narrator can neither hear the other person nor use his own voice.) And the words that they do manage to say end up hurting each other, and striking the "wall" that they can't surpass. Pretty deep stuff right? Enjoy ほんとのほんと / The Truest Truth!!

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