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Saturday, November 24, 2012

天体観測 / Star Gazing English Lyrics Translation


Star Gazing

Two AM at the train crossing, I carried a telescope
A radio on my belt, doesn't look like it'll rain

You arrived two minutes later, carrying a huge bag
Shall we begin star gazing? Let's look for shooting stars

So that we wouldn't be swallowed in the deep darkness, our spirits were high
On that day I tried to hold your trembling hand

We peered into the telescope to see things that we couldn't see
Countless voices were born and slashed apart the silence
They said that tomorrow is calling us, but we didn't reply
We chased the shooting star called "the present" there together

You realize we are always searching determindly for something
Like the definition of happiness or the storehouse of sadness

From birth til death, we are always searching
Well, shall we begin star gazing? Let's look for shooting stars

I remember everything that I've found up til now
Including the pain of not being able to hold your trembling hand

We peered into the telescope trying to know things that we didn't know
We searched for a faint light that would illuminate the darkness
And I still remember the pain of it even now
I'm still chasing the shooting star called "the present" alone

As I grew taller, the things I wanted to tell you multiplied
The letters with no recipient piled up as if they would collapse

I'm doing fine, I have few worries
But there's still just one thing that I remember now

We were struck by rain the forcast did not predict, and you seemed about to cry
On that day I could not hold your trembling hand

To overlook the things that I could see, I carried the telescope again
I ran through the road of silence and darkness
And the pain of it still sustains me even now
I'm still chasing the shooting star called "the present" alone

Trying to meet you one more time, I carried the telescope again
Same as before, at two AM I raced to the train crossing
Shall we begin star gazing? Even if you don't appear two minutes later
I'm still chasing the shooting star called "the present" together with you




午前二時 フミキリに 望遠鏡を担いでった
ベルトに結んだラジオ 雨は降らないらしい

二分後に君が来た 大袈裟な荷物しょって来た
始めようか 天体観測 ほうき星を探して

深い闇に飲まれないように 精一杯だった
君の震える手を 握ろうとした あの日は

見えないモノを見ようとして 望遠鏡を覗き込んだ
静寂を切り裂いて いくつも声が生まれたよ
明日が僕らを呼んだって 返事もろくにしなかった
「イマ」という ほうき星 君と二人追いかけていた

気が付けばいつだって ひたすら何か探している
幸せの定義とか 哀しみの置き場とか

生まれたら死ぬまで ずっと探している
さぁ 始めようか 天体観測 ほうき星を探して

今まで見つけたモノは 全部覚えている
君の震える手を 握れなかった痛みも

知らないモノを知ろうとして 望遠鏡を覗き込んだ
暗闇を照らす様な 微かな光 探したよ
そうして知った痛みを 未だに僕は覚えている
「イマ」という ほうき星 今も一人追いかけている

背が伸びるにつれて 伝えたい事も増えていった
宛名の無い手紙も 崩れる程 重なった

僕は元気でいるよ 心配事も少ないよ
ただひとつ 今も思い出すよ

予報外れの雨に打たれて 泣き出しそうな
君の震える手を 握れなかった あの日を

見えているモノを 見落として 望遠鏡をまた担いで
静寂と暗闇の帰り道を 駆け抜けた
そうして知った痛みが 未だに僕を支えている
「イマ」という ほうき星 今も一人追いかけている

もう一度君に会おうとして 望遠鏡をまた担いで
前と同じ 午前二時 フミキリまで駆けてくよ
始めようか 天体観測 二分後に君が来なくても
「イマ」という ほうき星 君と二人追いかけている



Still probably BUMP OF CHICKEN's most famous song and biggest hit, and also one of my favorites. It's been translated many many times but I wanted to give it my own interpretation. It's a song about a lot of things like growing up and trying to figure out big questions. There's not much else I can say, I think you'll get it just by listening to the song. :) And the music video is very nice too! You can find it online easily. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so so so much! I found this song a long time ago and it's unforgettable, it's one of my favorites, and your interpretation is the most beautiful I've ever seen, thank you so so so so so much! <3