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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Diamond / ダイヤモンド English Lyrics Translation



It doesn't matter how many times you fall, take a look at your grazed knee
Your crimson blood shines, saying, "You are alive"
It becomes a droplet and falls onto the hard asphalt
Telling you where you've gone and how you got there

It doesn't matter how many times you get lost, you can follow the traces of blood to get back
It doesn't matter if you don't have a goal, if you realize it will come along later
There are so many roads of "possibility"
Though you are utterly lost, you can go anywhere

There were so many things important to me
Although, their numbers decreased so much

Just one, just grasp this one thing tightly and never let go
The fact that your blood screams to you, "You are alive!"

Just how long did you ignore that voice calling you for rescue?
It was stuck to your back, but you searched for the owner of the voice
You only looked straight ahead, and could not find it
Please, don't abondon me, cried the SOS, and clung to you

I've heard this before, this voice is familiar
Somehow, it seems so… important to me

One by one, one by one, you dropped them and came all this way
But retracing your steps, one by one, to pick them up again is not wrong!

Finally, you met
Who are you?
Ahh, now I get it, you're me
My weak self that I hate
I deserted long ago right here

It doesn't matter how many times you fall, it doesn't matter how many times you get lost
There were not so many important things

Behind you and before you, just one, just one
Grasp this one thing tightly and never let go
Just one thing in this world, the irreplacable, living you
The weak parts, the strong parts, the truth is that both are the irreplacable, living you
More than anyone, more than anything, you must first, please, hold onto that so strongly

It doesn't matter if you can't sing well, when you start on your journey one day,
Please pack this song in your rucksack so that you don't become lost.




何回転んだっていいさ 擦り剥いた傷をちゃんと見るんだ
真紅の血が輝いて 「君は生きてる」と教えてる
今までどこをどうやって歩いてきたのかを 教えてる

何回迷ったっていいさ 血の跡を辿り戻ればいいさ
目標なんか無くていいさ 気付けば後から付いてくる
可能性という名の道が 幾つも伸びてるせいで
散々迷いながら どこへでも行けるんだ

なんか 随分減っちゃったけど

ひとつだけ ひとつだけ その腕でギュッと抱えて離すな
血が叫び教えてる 「君は生きてる」という言葉だけは

一体どれくらいの間 助けを呼ぶ声を無視してんだ
その背中に貼り付いた 泣き声の主を探すんだ
前ばかり見てるから なかなか気付かないんだ
置いて行かないでくれって泣いて すがる様なSOS

なんか随分 大切な声

ひとつずつ ひとつずつ 何かを落っことしてここまで来た
ひとつずつ拾うタメ 道を引き返すのは間違いじゃない

あぁ そういえば 君は僕だ

何回転んだっていいさ 何回迷ったっていいさ
大事なモンは 幾つも無いさ

後にも先にも ひとつだけ ひとつだけ
世の中にひとつだけ かけがえのない生きてる自分
弱い部分 強い部分 その実 両方がかけがえのない自分
誰よりも 何よりも それをまず ギュッと強く抱きしめてくれ

上手に唄えなくていいさ いつか旅に出るその時は



A very uplifting song and BUMP's second single released in 2000, Diamond. Going along with the theme of light, the theme of reflections or reflecting on yourself is found in a lot of BUMP songs. I think it's a very personal song from the writer, but as always, the theme is turned back out at the listener to remind you of what's important. Hmm, the theme of SOS transmissions is also seen here and in a lot of their songs, like Voyager and Mayday. Maybe, when I get enough songs translated, I'll make a themes index!

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