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Saturday, October 20, 2012

LAMP / ランプ English Lyrics Translation



A match in a small, trembling hand lights a flame in a lamp even now
To dry those tears that will not stop, my gradual surrender, that last modicum of courage
I crammed all of those limited dreams and ideas into my pockets
Then I found that there was a hole in my pocket, I started to cry, then a voice calls out to me

"Hello, hello, please realize I am here, I've been waiting within you
Don't worry, don't worry, I live in your heart, I'm the lamp of your courage."

Forgotten dreams, different ideals, the road where you searched for them and became lost
I'll shine out for you, your heart's lamp
I'm your proud best friend that you never noticed before
You put all the love and peace you could get into a precious bag
Somebody snatched it away from you, and on the edge of death a voice calls out to you

"Hello, hello, can you hear me? I've always been here within you
Don't worry, don't worry, we'll always be together, I'm the lamp of your courage that lives with you."

The love you lost, the different forms of peace, you search for them on the frozen road
I'll warm you, your heart's lamp, I'm the partner you can rely on that you never noticed before

"If you simply wish to be strong,
I'll shine out and warm you, I'll become the bravery that lets you walk on."

Let's make a promise, your heart's lamp, let me walk on once more
"It's odd, I am you, can't you even believe in yourself?"
A match in a small, trembling hand lights a flame in a lamp even now
Rescues a body freezing in the dark --- the last means was within you
Dreams and ideas, love, different ideals, the power to grasp those things is courage
A match in a small, trembling hand, we call out to ourselves

I gradually came to hear, and finally noticed, the power to dry my tears
I realized those obvious things, the me, myself, that I had never known
Things you lost, all of them, the courage to walk down that road
The lamp of courage within me, even now the match is meeting the wick

Even now the match is meeting the wick.




小さく震える手にはマッチ 今にもランプに火を灯す
とまらぬ泪を乾かすタメ ようやく振った なけなしの勇気
思いつく限りの夢や理想を 残らずポッケにつめこんできた
ポッケに開いてた穴を見つけて 泣き出す瞬間 呼びかける声

「ハロー、ハロー、気付いておくれ 君の中で待っていたんだよ
大丈夫、大丈夫、僕は君のハートに住む 情熱のランプだよ」

落とした夢 理想の類 それを探しさまよう道を
照らしだすよ ハートのランプ
もらえる限りの 愛や安心を 入れたカバン大事にしてきた
そいつも誰かにひったくられて くたばる寸前 呼びかける声

「ハロー、ハロー、聞こえるだろう? 君の中にずっと居たんだよ
大丈夫、大丈夫、いつも一緒だよ 君と生きる情熱のランプだよ」

失くした愛 安心の類 それを探し 凍える道を
温めるよ ハートのランプ 今まで気付かなかった 頼れるパートナー

照らしだそう 温めよう 歩くタメの勇気にだってなるよ」

約束しろよ ハートのランプ もう一度僕を歩かせてくれ
「ヘンだな 僕は君自身だよ 自分が信じれないのかい?」
小さく震える手にはマッチ 今にもランプに火を灯す
闇に凍えるこの身を救う 最後の術は この身の中に
夢や理想 愛 安心の類 それを手にするチカラが情熱
小さく震える手にはマッチ 僕らが僕らに呼びかける声

ようやく聞こえた やっと気付いた 泪を乾かすチカラ
当たり前の事に気付いた 自分自身知らなかった自分自身
落としたモノ 失くした類 探す道を歩ける勇気
僕の中の情熱のランプ 今にもマッチは芯に触れる




SO! I'm starting from the beginning and translating every BUMP OF CHICKEN song on my own. Here's Lamp, BUMP's first single. It's a great song! You can see Fujiwara's beloved light symbolism in it very strongly. I had a bit of a challenge deciding what to translate 「情熱のランプ」as. I ended up calling it "lamp of courage." Really, 「情熱」 is closer to zeal or enthusiasm, but I think it "courage" fits the flow and feeling of the song better as far as a translation goes. Enjoy. :D

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