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Thursday, May 5, 2011

66号線/Track Number 66 English Lyrics Translation


Track Number 66

The story I've gotta hear, that I just can't get through my head,
is that I want to be loved, because I'm desperate.

I've got no excuse, but there's nothing I can do.
I am writing this beside you for you to hear.

On track number 66, I'm sorry that I left the lid open.
Ahh, but thanks to you we finally found it again.

Struck by my memories that they don't know, my treasured person cried.
I was happy that you could be close to me.

Let's connect the musical notes and make a shield, the notes made with the tears that spilled onto my shoulder.

If I lost my voice, I would no longer be myself. Even still, would you tell me you love me? 
Just praise me with one word, please. With that alone I could believe in everything.

No wish comes true for them, and they're always smiling
But the truth is they're pretty hurt by it.

I don't wanna fight or anything. The truth is I'm scared of being hated.
As long as you're smiling, I'll sing anything.

We forged the notes into a sword, the notes made with the words you once taught me.

Even if you lose me, you can stay yourself. Even still, will you stay with me?
Just brush me with the palm of your hand, please. With that alone my heart would be protected.

Excited or nervous --- So that I can't leave only you.
That's how I was raised before we met. I wanted to meet you.

I can definitely save you. Will you tell me that you love me even now?
Even if I lose you, I'll keep living. Even still, will you keep believing in me?

Just this one thing: please don't doubt me. That's the only reason I was able to speak --- to stand --- to sing.

The story I've gotta hear, that I just can't get through my head,
is that I wanna be of use, because I'm desperate.

For living until I found you, and for finding me --- thank you.
I was able to write this song in the world you chose.




聞かなきゃいけない話が 全く頭に入らないのは
愛されたくて 必死だから

申し訳ない事だけど どうする事も出来ません
あなたが聞けという横で 僕はこれを書いてる

66 号線の途中 蓋を開けちゃって ごめんね
ああ だけどおかげで やっと見付けた

僕の知らない記憶に襲われて 泣いちゃった大切な人
近くにいられて 嬉しかった

肩に溢してくれた 涙で出来た 音符を繋いで 盾を作ろう

声を無くしたら僕じゃなくなる それでも好きだと言ってくれますか
ただ一言だけ誉めてください それだけで全てを信じる

こいつにはなんにも敵わないなって 笑いながらさ
実は結構 傷付くんだぜ

勝負なんかしたくない 本当に嫌われるの恐い
あなたが笑うのなら なんだって歌う

いつか教えてくれた 言葉で出来た 音符を鍛えて 剣にしたよ

僕を無くしてもあなたでいられる それでも離れずいてくれますか
ただその掌で撫でてください それだけで心を守れる

ワクワクだとかドキドキだとか あなたとしか分けられない様に
出会う前から育った 会いたかった

僕にだってきっとあなたを救える 今でも好きだと言ってくれますか
あなたを無くしても僕は生きていく それでも信じていてくれますか

ただこの事だけ疑わないでね それだけで声が出せたんだ
立てたんだ 歌えたんだ

聞かなきゃいけない話が 全く頭に入らないのは
役立ちたくて 必死だから

僕が見付けるまで生きてくれて 見付けてくれて ありがとう
あなたが選んだ世界に こんな唄が出来たよ


Here's 66号線 (Track Number 66) by BUMP OF CHICKEN in English. Enjoy the lyrics!

This song was pretty tricky to translate, actually. Even when I figured out the meanings of the words and sentences, they didn't always want to translate gracefully to English. I wish I could convey the elegance of Fujiwara Motou's lyrics accurately. There's also a lot of ambiguity of subject in this song. So it's hard to know if the speaker is referring to theirself or the adressee sometimes. But that's Japanese for you!!

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your translations. I found your blog just a few months ago as I was exploring more and more of BUMP's older songs and it's been such a huge help, I've really liked and enjoyed BUMP's songs for a long time, they have comforted and helped me through though times and thanks to you I could get a closer feeling to the meaning of every older song and I think you do a pretty great job at conveying the elegance of the lyrics. So I really wanted to say thank you for creating this space to share more of this amazing band, their love for music and their beautiful lyrics with the world, thank you! Best wishes to you and I hope you have a great life.