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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

歩く幽霊/Walking Apparition English Lyrics Translation


Walking Apparition

How're you doing? You still gonna do it? Think about your inspection with care.
When it's broken, when it looks like it can be fixed, the strong and unbroken leftovers.

I've fallen; don't wait for me. You back grows small.
It's regrettable, but I'm not ashamed of anything. Isn't everyone that way?

I can always hear you no matter how far off your footsteps grow.
Plug your ears and cast out your voice, say that you're here and turn to someone.

It's not really a problem, my presence of mind is my life, other things are unrelated, and meddling is useless.
If I say stuff like that it ends up bothering me like the "green grass on the other side."

I pretend to be cool while I can't keep quiet, inside the mirror that's grown big.
The pale-blue heart up on the shelf, if it grows big can it become something too?

I'm calling and shouting for someone, and at the same time someone is calling for me.
It's so sad that I laughed. I won't say I wanted to be saved.

I tried my best. I'm trying my best. Everyone is like this.
Because it's so embarassing that I regretted it, that day I didn't chase you is catching up to me.

How're you doing? Can you still move? Touch it with your hand to make sure.
When it looked fixed, when it was no good, the frail heart was left behind in the end.

I tried calling and yelling once more and I was called once again by someone.
Even if I plug my ears I understand, clearly the words "I am here."

Those footsteps that I can always hear, at some point my own sounds
crossed through time and arrived here, caught up to me and finally piled up.




どんな具合だい まだやれそうかい 慎重に点検して 考えて
壊れたところ 直せそうなところ 壊れず残った 強いところ

転んだってさ 待たないでさ 小さくなっていった背中
悔しいけど 恥じる事はない 人それぞれのどうのこうのじゃないの

ずっと聞こえるよ足音が どれほど遠くなろうとも
耳塞いで声を出せ ここにいるよって 誰に向けて

全く問題無い 平常心さマイライフ 他所は他所 手出し口出し御無用
とか言うわりに 遙か彼方の 芝生の青さまで 気になる

冷静なふりして 黙れないまま 大きくなった鏡の中
棚の上の 真っ青なハート 大きくなったら何かになれないの

誰かを呼んで叫ぶよ 同時に誰かに呼ばれたよ
悲しすぎて笑ったよ 助けてだなんて 言えやしない

頑張ったってさ 頑張ってんのさ 人それぞれのどうのこうの
恥ずかしいくらい 悔しかったから 追わなかったあの日が追いかけてくる

どんな具合だい もう動けそうかい その手で触れて 確かめて
直せたところ 駄目だったところ 結局残った 脆弱なハート

もう一度呼んで叫ぶよ もう一度誰かに呼ばれたよ
耳塞いでも解るよ ここにいるよって はっきりと

ずっと聞こえるよ足音が いつか自分の出した音が
時を越えて届いたよ 追いついてやっと 重なるよ


Here's my translation of BUMP OF CHICKEN's new-ish song 歩く幽霊. As always, it's another amazing song from BUMP! Enjoy.

Japanese lyrics obtained from: http://www.kasi-time.com/item-52513.html

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