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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Song of Friends / 友達の唄 English Lyrics Translation


Song of Friends

By the time you've grown big there will many rainy days
And you'll probably forget that one time we got rained on together

It was a roundabout way, but we somehow became friends
It'll be all right if you can recall our farewell

Your cold, empty hand grasped mine for the first time
In the vanishing time you pulled me along, running, searching for a road home

I'm crying now, but inside your memories
please remember how I was with you, smiling that same smile, whenever you can

I'm kind because I'm a coward, so I never got angry once
But what you gave me that one time--- your trembling voice

In a sky I don't know, the first star --- The day I solved the riddle
I found it --- the very warm thing. It's a sign that will never disappear.

That time I was lost and afraid by myself, I noticed a light within my heart
Turns out that you were still so close by, and came flying to me despite the darkness

I'm crying now, but inside your memories
you'll surely remember how I was with you, smiling that same smile

I won't forget until we meet again, that place you were inside my heart
Because I want to teach you how you smiled with me there

While I believed in you --- while we can't meet  --- I'm gradually going to become an adult
But I'll still be smiling with you, and we'll stay friends forever.




あなたが大きくなるまでに 雨の日なんて何度もある
その中の一度は一緒に濡れた事 忘れちゃうかな

遠回りしちゃったけど 友達になれたのかな
お別れしたって覚えていられれば 大丈夫なのかな

空の冷たかった手が 初めて掴んだ手に
消えて行く時間の中 引っ張られて走った 帰り道を探して

今 私が泣いていても あなたの記憶の中では
どうかあなたと 同じ笑顔で 時々でいいから 思い出してね

怖がりで優しいから 怒ったことは何度もない
その中の一度をあの時くれた事 震えていた声

知らない空に一番星 謎々が解った日
見つけたよ とても温かいもの 決して無くならない目印

ひとりに怯え 迷った時 心の奥 灯りに気付く
そうかあなたは こんなに側に どんな暗闇だろうと 飛んで行ける

今 私が泣いていても あなたの記憶の中では
どうかあなたと 同じ笑顔で きっと思い出してね

忘れないよ また会えるまで 心の奥 君がいた場所
そこで僕と 笑ってる事 教えてあげたいから

信じたままで 会えないままで どんどん僕は大人になる
それでも君と 笑っているよ ずっと友達でしょう


Bump of Chicken released a new song and video to go with it, 友達の唄 (Song of Friends)!

Now I hope that more people can enjoy Fujiwara Motou's beautiful and heartfelt lyrics. The emotion comes through in this song exquisitely, and imparts a very characteristically BUMP-ish feeling of nostalgia... despite any language barrier.

Japan is experiencing numerous tragedies right now, and people outside Japan may feel concerned and unable to help. But donating money and offering the people of Japan your hope and support is crucial. We have to believe that humans can help each other overcome our hardships together.

As you listen to "Song of Friends", please believe in this...

PV on BUMP OF CHICKEN's official Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfB79A7EKxo

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