Here are my translations of the songs by the band BUMP OF CHICKEN, from Japanese to English. I hope this lets more people appreciate the beautiful lyrics of BUMP!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Every Song Translated!!

I have posted translations of all of RAY!!! And translations of every other BUMP song that I could!!! Yay! I made a few changes to this site too, including FINALLY finishing the Extra Tracks section. Please check it out if you're interested in hidden tracks or if you have any information about them for me. Also the lower row of links at the top will now be translations directly from BUMP's official web site. Those are under construction to reflect their overhauled new site. :D Enjoy RAY--- I'm going to be listening to it on repeat. :P


  1. Thank you very much... Now, I can hear the song with knowing the meaning...and it's full of awesomeness....especially RAY...can't stop replay the song over and over again. Thank you very much for the translation

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad the translations are helpful! I agree this is a totally awesome album, I've already listened to it a dozen times! :)