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Thursday, August 22, 2013

News!! The Niji Wo Matsu Hito Music Video Has Been Released!!

Big news!! The PV for Niji Wo Matsu Hito can now be watched on BUMP OF CHICKEN's official Youtube channel here:

A generous person named Ryu let me know about this development, thanks!!
Also according to Ryu the song is doing well in Japan and is topping most of the country's digital music charts... Awesome!! I just checked the Japanese iTunes and it's #1!! Along with that and the fact that this song is a movie theme song, I'd say the band is doing great. Please buy the single if you can. :D

I literally just finished translating the whole Takahashi Diary when I found out about all this. I'll have that up soon then get to some of the more recent news. Sorry I'm slow!

I will have the lyrics and English translation for Niji Wo Matsu Hito up later tonight!! :D

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