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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Love Sorcerer / 恋の陰陽師 English Lyrics Translation


Love Sorcerer

A wise man cheerfully stays away from danger
But one doesn't have to enter the tiger's den to feel burnin' love

Might it be love love love love?
It is love love love love
It's the season for me to truly fall in love
So long time

You're like a love sorcerer
I cherish you, cherish you
When I turn the corner and see you it's like I've been struck
From my shoulders to my hips, I suddenly wilt (gyaaa)

Who is it that makes my heart pound
In its very depths?
I want someone to tell me, my love awakens like cotten candy

Where do I run run run?
Tap tap tap, are you here?
I wander in search of you
How long time?

You have magic spells
But I don't mind, I don't mind
In truth, it hurts so much while I wait to see you again
I attach my words to an arrow and shoot them to you, "I yearn for you," and you receive them (kyaaa)

I step out and (beneath my feet I feel)
A prickling pain, are these caltrops?
I can't remove this blindfold, you are all I see
Though I struggle

A wise man cheerfully stays away from danger
But we enter the tiger's den one by one

You're the only one
I want to tell my secrets to
So won't you come near?

You sent me a message like a shot arrow
One one thing was written, "Truly sorry," I've been dumped (ahhh)

Why do the depths of my heart
Throb in pain?
I want to know what love is, I want to eat its cotton candy
Baked sweets

The sun (so pretty)
Leisurely dyes the east, dyes it again
It's OK if we're just friends, I just want to say once more
Thank you

Tap tap, I'll keep on going
It's love love love love
I've been discouraged from love, but it's the season for me to fall in love
So long time
This knight doesn't mind




君子危うきウキウキに 近寄らず

love love love loveでゴザルか?
love love love loveでゴザルよ
それがし 真の恋に落ちて候
so long time

お主はまるで 恋の陰陽師
やんごとない やんごとない
曲がり角 出会い頭で ぶつかりし折に
肩口から脇腹にかけ バッサリと イカれたでゴザル(ギャー)

それがしの 心の臓
ドキドキさせるのは 誰がし?
なにがしか伝えたい 恋心の綿菓子

run run run どこでゴザルか?
トントントン ここでゴザルか?
それがし そなたの姿求めて放浪
How long time?

お主が憑けた 恋の式神
苦しゅうない 苦しゅうない
本当は 苦しすぎるよ また会いし折に
文を弓に乗せて放つよ「お慕い for you」届けちゃったでゴザル(キャー)

踏み出した この足を(その裏を)
チクチクさせるのは 撤菱?
目隠しは外れない もうそなたしか見えない

君子危うきウキウキに 近寄らず
されど虎穴に入らずんば 個人個人

それがしの 真の秘密
其処許だけに こっそりと 教えてあげる
だから もそっと 近う寄って?

お主から 矢文の様に 放たれしメール
ただ一言書いてあるだけ「誠 sorry」フラれたでゴザル(アー)

それがしの 心の臓
ズキズキ痛むのは 何故?
love故と教えたい 食べて欲しい綿菓子

ゆるりと染め上げん 染めagain
友垣でかまわない 今一度伝えたい

トントンと うまくいかぬのが
love love love loveでゴザルよ
されどめげずに 恋に落ちる候
so long time



This is one of the hidden tracks from Zero (ゼロ) and yet another parody of a love song. This one, however, uses archaic language, which makes it sort of a samurai pop song, haha. I got the lyrics from http://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q1473764699. User Datenshi Kuriko kindly provided this link to the audio: http://gimmeseasalticecream-07.tumblr.com/post/47548390153/this-is-one-of-the-cute-secret-track-of-bump. Thanks!!


  1. I tried to post this to YT or any other video hosting site, it gets deleted afterwards... (^^;) So I posted on Tumblr. If it's okay, here's the audio for this song: http://gimmeseasalticecream-07.tumblr.com/post/47548390153/this-is-one-of-the-cute-secret-track-of-bump

    1. OH WHOA awesome thanks!!! I'm gonna add this right away you're awesome! :D