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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scababab / かさぶたぶたぶ English Lyrics Translation



I'm a scab, born from the place where you grazed your kneecap
I was called by your crying voice when you got in a fight after school today

Nice to meet you! Let's be friends. Don't tear me off even if I itch
I don't think I'll stay here long, but let me take care of this place

Scababab scab

Sitting in the bath, holding your legs to your chest, you don't let water touch me
But I did get wet in your rain of tears, does your knee hurt again?

You want to make peace, but you're embarassed and can't do it
Don't worry, your knee will definitely heal to just the way it was before

So you're gonna apologize? That's great. I'm sure the other kid wants to say it too
Hey, did you notice? Bit by bit your wound is growing smaller

Hey, that kid's coming this way. Be brave, and shake hands at the end
Didn't I tell you that your wound would heal? I said it'd be the same as before

Well, this is goodbye. Play nicely and don't worry about me
Just seeing your smiling face for the first time
Made me happy that I was born on your kneecap
But don't hurt yourself on purpose just because you want to see me again

Scababab scab

I'm a scab, and I'm looking forward to the day we meet again
But even if we never meet again, I want you to be careful not to get hurt
Still, it'd be nice if you tripped every once in a while too




僕はかさぶた 君の膝小僧 擦りむいたトコから 生まれた
今日の放課後 ケンカした君の 泣き声に呼ばれた

初めまして 仲良くやろうぜ かゆいからって 剥がすなよ
短い間だと 思うけど ここは 任せとけ

かさぶたぶたぶ かさぶた

体操座り ちゃぷちゃぷお風呂 僕だけお湯には 濡れないぜ
だけど濡れたよ 涙の雨だよ まだ膝が痛むのかい

仲直りがしたいんだね でも恥ずかしくて 出来ないの
大丈夫だよ 傷は治るんだ きっと もとどおり

謝るんだね すごくえらいぜ あのこも 話したかったハズ
ねぇ 気付いてる? 少しずつ傷が 小さくなってる事

ほらこっち来たよ 勇気を出せよ 最後には 握手するんだぜ
だから言ったろ 傷は治るよって もとどおりになるって

さよならだよ 仲良くやれよ 僕の事は 気にするな
初めて君の 笑う顔が見れた それだけでもう
シアワセだよ 生まれた場所が この膝小僧で 良かった
僕に会いたくなったからって わざと 怪我するなよ

かさぶたぶたぶ かさぶた

僕はかさぶた また会える日が 待ち遠しいけれど 本当は
二度と会わずに 済むのが一番 怪我には 気を付けてほしいな
でも たまには 転んでもほしいな



The cuteness level of this song is like, off the charts. I love how the kid's knee and his conflict with the other kid heal together. It's a great message and a fun song, I really love it. :)

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