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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ridiculous Song Continued / 続・くだらない唄 English Lyrics Translation


Ridiculous Song Continued

On a dandelion-covered hill by a lake, beneath the cherry blossom trees
I put my coat down and reach in the pocket
I remember doing the same thing years ago in this same place
And I get the feeling that "I have come home"

I step on the fallen dry leaves and they make a sound
The same dry sound as that day long ago
When I waved my hand at the sun and dreamed a dream
The days accumulate

But my hand no longer waves
I have lost too many precious things
My eyes have seen too many dreams
And my vision has become bad

The only thing that has changed since that day is me

For two hours I rode the train and left the city
Thinking to show off my pride
For two hours I rode the train thinking I could go back in time
It was a mistake to think it would ever be so easy

Brighter than all of the "wonderful things" that I found here
I became scared that the wonderful things from long ago
Would be destroyed
And many times I checked that they were not

My hands hold the fragments of my wishes
My eyes watch for which direction tomorrow will take

Will it be destroyed?
Am I wrong?

On a dandelion-covered hill by a lake, beneath the cherry blossom trees
I brought along a useful cord and stand for the occasion
Half jokingly, I set it up and stand there
Eyes brimming over with a manga-like flood of tears
Long ago I often used to secretly cry here too
Over stuff like, "She dumped me," but she was so cute
Waiting for the morning sun with the same feelings as I did long ago
And thoughtlessly singing that rediculous song

Crying tears of unknown cause, waiting for the morning sun with the same feelings as that day
Maybe I'll wave my hand again and dream again
Colors join the scenery

My hand slowly draws an arc above me to the right
My eyes just narrowly miss seeing the floating fluff
Maybe my hands will be able to pick back up the things I have lost
I'm happy that my eyes can still see a bit

The only thing that has changed since that day
Is my bearded face




湖の見える タンポポ丘の 桜の木の下で
下ろしたての コートのポケットに 手を入れて
数年前にもこの場所で 同じポーズしてた事
思い出してやっと実感 「僕は帰って来た」

積もった落ち葉が 踏まれて音をたてた
あの日と同じ 乾いた音
昇った朝日に 手を振り夢を見た

この手は 振れない
この眼は 余りに

あの日と違うのは 僕だけ

電車に乗って 2時間ちょっとの都会に出てきた
小さなプライドを 見せてやろうとした
電車に乗って 2時間ちょっと いつでも帰れると
軽く考えていたのは そもそも間違いだった

それよりも輝かしい あの日が
見事に壊されていくようで 怖くって

この手に 今まで 掴ませた願いのカケラも
この眼に 今まで 睨ませた明日の行方も


湖の見える タンポポ丘の 桜の木の下で
手ごろなヒモと 手ごろな台を 都合よく見つけた
半分ジョークでセッティングして そこに立ってみた時
マンガみたいな量の 涙が 溢れてきた
数年前にもこの場所で よく こっそり泣いたっけ
”あのコにふられた”だとか 可愛いもんだったけど
数年前と同じ気持ちで 朝日を待ってんだ
あの やたらとくだらない唄も唄いながら

原因不明の涙を流しながら あの日の気持ちで 朝日を待つ
また手を振れるかな 夢を見れるかな

この手が ゆっくり 僕の右上で弧を描いた
この眼が 辛うじて 飛んでいく綿毛を見送った
この手が 今まで 落としてきたモノは拾えるかな
この眼が 今でも ギリギリで見えていて良かった




Awesome! A sequal song! And what a great ending. I love the description of the "manga-like flood of tears." Also, In case you were curious, the cord and stand he sets up is an artist's easel. It's implied that he works as an artist now. But there are some other mysteries in this song… What is significant about waving at the sun? Is he greeting the sun happily? And what is the flying fluff? My best guess is that it's a floating dandelion seed.

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