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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dandelion / ダンデライオン English Lyrics Translation



The lonely lion crossed a suspension bridge
Everybody in the savannah hated him
The person he met on the other side of the bridge
Looked a lot like the sun

Are you not afraid of me?
Will you stay with here me and not run away?
The person nodded just once
As the wind blew

Do you know the reason for my tears?
Because I have no idea
The warmth in my tear-stained cheeks
Is all thanks to you

On a rainy day, the lion crosses the suspension bridge
Holding a piece of golden amber in his mouth
The small rock is a gift for his quiet friend
Because they are the same color

Thunder echoes, the bridge falls
The lion opens his eyes painfully
The sky has become far away and small
I hope I don't make you cry

Can you hear my voice calling loudly?
This way you'll know that I'm all right
I'd rather you not know about the coldness of my tear-stained cheeks
For the rest of your life

In the continuous rain, blood flows
If I am to be reborn
I hope I can be like you
Then maybe you'd even love me

His voice no longer calls loudly
But strangely, he is not lonely
It seems that you stole away
The coldness of my tear-stained cheeks

Do you know the reason for my tears?
Because I have no idea
But the warmth in my heart
Seems to be a good enough answer for now

The seasons changed, and spring came around
Golden livery spread all the way to the valley bottom
All of the dandelions bloomed at once
And they looked a lot like lions




寂しがりライオン 吊り橋を渡る
サバンナじゃ 皆に 嫌われた

お前は 俺が 怖くないのか?

涙の理由を 知ってるか
濡れた頬の 温かさは
おそらく お前がくれたんだ

雨の日もライオン 吊り橋を揺らす
金色の琥珀を くわえて
今日の土産は いつも無口な

響く雷鳴 落ちる吊り橋
空は遠く 狭くなった

この元気な声が 聞こえるか
この通り 全然平気だぞ
濡れた頬の 冷たさなど
生涯 お前は知らなくていい

止まない雨に 血は流れていく
お前のような 姿になれれば

もう元気な声は 出ないけど
濡れた頬の 冷たさなど
恐らく お前が奪ったんだ

涙の理由を 知ってるか
この心の 温かさが
そのまま 答えでよさそうだ

季節は巡り 春が訪れ
谷底まで 金色の化粧
一面に咲く タンポポの花



This song, like K and Glass Blues, has an upbeat tune and a sad story about a cat but ultimately conveys a positive message. This song particularly reminds me of the Little Prince (which I've guessed before is an important story to BUMP) due to having a flower character as a friend. Below is a link to a fan-made animated music video that I think is very nice!


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