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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sailing Day / セイリングデイ English Lyrics Translation


Sailing Day

When I closed my eyes, I saw it
A faint brightness
I tried to catch it, I'm a foolish dreamer

My outstretched hand could not
Show my closed eyes the way, and I was lost
The space before me blurred into the distance

But somehow I keep on living without quitting on myself
No matter how many times you must cry, it's worth it to smile just once

Resist your fate with all your strength
Judging what is right and wrong is a privilege only you have

Sailing day, take the helm
I'm a foolish dreamer that hoists the sails without waiting for dawn

Despite the uncountable dangers and doubts
That love and attack me, I am an amazed believer

When I opened my eyes, what I could see was
A definite brightness
It filled my empty heart with reasons

And once again I will push myself forward
How many things will you lose just to get the one thing you want?

Prove your existence with all your strength
Your errors and mistakes, the treasure that only has a cost for you

Sailing day, take the helm
Bring your sadness and despair along, amazed believer

Everybody sets out on their own ship
And every brightness I saw was a lighthouse

Yeah that's right, I still have my soul
And I'd risk my life any time
Just to live one more second, of course!

Prove your existence with all your strength
Your losses and regrets, the treasure that only has a meaning for you

Sailing day, take the helm
Bring all the days of your adventure along, amazed believer

Resist your fate with all your strength
The lighthouse that shines only for me will never fade away

Sailing day, take the helm
Hoist the sails happily within the storm, foolish dreamer

Everyone's a believer

Eternal dreamer




目を閉じたその中に 見えた
掴み取ろうとした 愚かなドリーマー

伸ばした手は 閉じた目に
写らなくて 途方に暮れる
射程距離から 随分遠く 滲む

どうにかまだ 僕は僕を 辞めないで 生きている
たった一度 笑えるなら 何度でも 泣いたっていいや

精一杯 運命に抵抗
正解・不正解の判断 自分だけに許された権利

夜明けを待たないで 帆を張った 愚かなドリーマー

数えたら キリが無い程の 危険や不安でさえも
愛して迎え撃った 呆れたビリーヴァー

目を開いたその先に 見える

そうしてまた 僕は僕の 背中を押していく
たった一つ 掴む為に 幾つでも 失うんだ

精一杯 存在の証明
過ちも 間違いも 自分だけに価値のある財宝

哀しみも 絶望も 拾っていく 呆れたビリーヴァー

誰もが皆 それぞれの船を出す
それぞれの見た 眩しさが 灯台なんだ

そうだよ まだ 僕は僕の 魂を持っている
たった一秒 生きる為に
いつだって 命懸け 当たり前だ

精一杯 存在の証明
敗北も 後悔も 自分だけに意味のある財宝

冒険の日々を全て 拾っていく 呆れたビリーヴァー

精一杯 運命に抵抗
決して消えはしない 僕だけを照らし出す灯台

嵐の中 嬉しそうに 帆を張った 愚かなドリーマー





This song was used in a One Piece movie in 2003! It definitely has the feeling on One Piece! There is also a music video for this song, and it features (many) Luffys as well as BUMP OF CHICKEN performing... and a lot of other things. Check it out below!

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