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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Magic Cooking ~From You to You~ / 魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~ English Lyrics Translation


Magic Cooking ~From You to You~

The mystery of a dinner after being scolded
It must be magic, it blurs before your very eyes
I scratched the piano with my Justice Robot's sword
It's really covered in scars, it shouldn't have become like this

I want to tell you that you're going to grow up
I want to say it right, I want you to know
But what should I say? I don't know a thing

Your dreams will come true
You should look forward to it
The treasures that you encounter from here on
Will grow to be old treasures

On my tricycle, which I believe was red
I could go anywhere
A bear the bearded old man gave me was a dog on closer inspection
I had planned to scar the piano, with my plastic sword or whatever
So that it would have a pattern I liked

You're growing up, you want friends
You've got to tell the truth so that you can get along
You can't go home until you finish the secret base

You'll encounter things that exceed your hopes
But you should prepare yourself anyway
You bring your unvoiced thoughts with you
And shut them away though they have not grown up
But they just keep multiplying

Your scary papa was actually kind
Your funny mama had times when she cried too
Your grandma occasionally forgot your face
You didn't tell the bearded old man that it was a dog

One day you'll understand everything that came before
Even the things you wanted to doubt, I know this because I'm you
Don't cry like that

Your dreams will come true
Even if you're scared, I want you to see
From here on you will lose the treasures given to you, but for now they are your treasures

Your dreams will come true
You say, now an adult
You bring your unvoiced thoughts with you
And though they have not grown up, you make them into a song

The mystery of a dinner after being scolded
This puzzle is bigger than me, but maybe you can solve it
Just like this, maybe you can explain it



魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~

叱られた後にある 晩ご飯の不思議
あれは魔法だろうか 目の前が滲む
正義のロボットの剣で 引っ掻いたピアノ
見事に傷だらけ こんな筈じゃなかった

大きくなるんだ 伝えたいから
上手に話して 知って欲しいから
何て言えばいい 何もわからない

宝物のままで 古びていく

確か赤だった筈だ 三輪車
ひげじいがくれた熊は よく見たら犬だった
プラスチックのナントカ剣で 傷付けたピアノ
模様のつもりだった 好きになろうとした

大きくなるんだ 仲間が欲しい
わかり合うために 本気を出せる様な
基地が出来るまで 帰らない様な

育たないままで しまってある
更に 増えてもいく

怖かったパパが 本当は優しかった事
面白いママが 実は泣く時もある事
おばあちゃんが 君の顔を忘れたりする事
ひげじい あれは犬だって 伝え様がない事

いつか全部わかる ずっと先の事
疑いたいのもわかる 君だからわかる

怖くても よく見て欲しい
これから失くす宝物が くれたものが今 宝物

育てないままで 唄にする

叱られた後にある 晩ご飯の不思議
その謎は 僕より大きい 君が解くのかな
こんな風に 君に説くのかな



A lot of BUMP OF CHICKEN's songs deal with growing up, but this is one of the most beautiful. It's also their only song that features someone talking to their younger self. Over time their music has added a lot of effects like violins and other sound effects, which I really like. No matter how much other stuff they add, though, the acoustic guitar and Fujiwara's unmistakable voice always come out clear and strong.

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