Here are my translations of the songs by the band BUMP OF CHICKEN, from Japanese to English. I hope this lets more people appreciate the beautiful lyrics of BUMP!

Links to each song can be found in "Albums" and "Singles."

BUMP's official website is http://www.bumpofchicken.com/!

Feel free to contact me at lebarrow@earthlink.net!


These are all translated from BUMP OF CHICKEN's official website at http://www.bumpofchicken.com/






WILLPOLIS 2014 FINAL Last Minute Lottery Announcement

July 17, 2014

We will be holding a lottery drawing for seats by the stage side and speakers
for the WILLPOLIS 2014 FINAL show in Tokyo Dome.

Show details: Thursday, July 31 in Tokyo Dome

Lottery timeframe: Wednesday, July 23 from noon until Tuesday, July 29 at 18:00

Lottery URL: http://eplus.jp/boc-special/

QR code:

Application limitations: 4 per person

※To apply you must be registered with e+ (no entry or yearly fee)


Recruiting Announcement

July 17, 2014

On Friday, July 25 we will be appearing in TV Asahi's "MUSIC STATION Midsummer Strongest Live Three-Hour Special" and would like to have some audience members appear with us on the broadcast. Starting today, applications will be available.

If you are interested, please read the "Friday, July 25  TV Asahi 'MUSIC STATION Midsummer Strongest Live Three-Hour Special' Live Recruiting Information," agree to the terms, and submit your application.

Friday, July 25  TV Asahi "MUSIC STATION Midsummer Strongest Live Three-Hour Special" Live Recruiting Information

Date and time: Friday, July 27, 2014 19:00-22:00

Location: Near metropolitan Roppongi
Application: One application per person
Application deadline: Saturday, July 19 23:59
*If we receive many applications, we will use a lottery system. Application order does not matter.
*Those selected will receive an email including the details of the meeting point and time by Wednesday, July 23.
*Please only apply if you agree with the following "Participation Requirements and Important Points."

<<Participation Requirements>>

• High school students and older who are able to participate on Friday, July 25 from 19:00-22:00 near the metropolitan Roppongi area.

<<Important Points>>

*Uniforms are not allowed, so please wear casual clothes.
*Please bring identification.
*You may need to move quickly, so please wear comfortable shoes. High heels and sandals could be dangerous, so you may be disqualified for wearing them.
*We will request that you place your belongings on the ground, so please try to bring as little as possible.
*It will be a live broadcast, so we ask those who are concerned about any health problems that may come up to consider not participating.
*There are few available toilets, so please finish using the toilet before arrival.
*Accepted applicants will only participate in the live performance.
*Accepted applicants are responsible for their own transportation fees, lodging fees, food, and so on.
*Applications are limited to one per person. Accepted status cannot be transferred to anyone else.

<<How to Apply>>

Please send an email containing the below listed information to the "MUSIC STATION Midsummer Strongest Live Three-Hour Special" BUMP OF CHICKEN Live Recruiting Special Address by Saturday, July 19 23:59.

Subject line: 7/25「MUSIC STATION 真夏の最強ライブ 3時間スペシャル」BUMP OF CHICKENライブ観覧応募

1) Name
2) Age
3) Home address
4) Telephone number
5) Email address

"MUSIC STATION Midsummer Strongest Live Three-Hour Special" BUMP OF CHICKEN Live Recruiting Special Address:

※This email address is exclusively for applications. It cannot be used for other inquiries.

<<Privacy Policy>>
We recognize the importance of personal information and uphold the laws regarding personal information, and will endeavor to keep all applicants' information safe. We will not use applicants' personal information for anything besides this live show's participation recruitment. Furthermore, all applicants' submitted personal information will be deleted after the broadcast is over.


Limited Edition Single “You Were Here” Sales Start 8/1!
July 11, 2014

It has been decided that the limited edition single and new song “You Were Here” will go on sale on August 1st (Friday.) You can order it on iTunes or Recochoku.


The Tsukuba Space Center Museum Shop Has Begun Selling BUMP OF CHICKEN CDs

July 11, 2014

The Tsukuba Space Center museum shop has begun selling BUMP OF CHICKEN CDs.



About Goods Sales at 7/15 Live at STUDIO COAST Show

July 8, 2014

We will be selling goods from the WILLPOLIS 2014 tour at the 7/15 Live at STUDIO COAST Show. Sales will begin at 12 PM. 

*The G-SHOCK will be sold by lottrty
*Credit cards cannot be accepted
Please be aware in advance that only cash will be accepted.


7/31 Final WILLPOLIS Show in Tokyo Dome Details on JTB 
June 21, 2014

For details and questions, please use the link below to go to JTB's official page:



A Gallery of Staff-Selected Photos is Now Open
June 6, 2014

We have unveiled our newest project: a photo gallery that captures the feeling of the tour. In order to show the tour well underway, we selected photos from the Kanazawa show onwards that were taken by our staff with your permission. Please take a look.



Change to Sales Method of WILLPOLIS 2014 Tour Goods: G-SHOCK Limited Edition

May 20, 2014

Sales of the G-SHOCK Limited Edition [translator's note: it's a digital wristwatch] have been greater than expected, and we apologize for the confusion.

Sales are being conducted through the use of distributed purchase tickets, but for the safety of customers standing in line the below policies will go into effect starting on 5/24 at the Asty Tokushima show.

• A sales table for the G-SHOCK only will be established

• We will now conduct lottery sales instead of first come first serve sales
• Lottery sales will only be open to those with tickets to that day's show
• Each person may enter the lottery once

* Staying up all night, pushing though the line, entering multiple times, entering without the intention of buying, and entering the lottery so that those accompanying you have a greater chance of winning is not allowed. If such behavior is detected you will not be allowed to enter the lottery.

* Sales will not be conducted in order of arrival.

Please be aware of the above changes.

Those who wish to buy a G-SHOCK should proceed to the G-SHOCK sales table. Those who win the sales lottery will be able to purchase a G-SHOCK there.

Due to these changes, please be aware that sales time may be shortened.

We apologize for the continued confusion for those wishing to buy a G-SHOCK.

Thank you for your understanding.


The "GOODS" Page Has Been Updated
April 23, 2014

The WILLPOLIS 2014 digital goods have been added to the GOODS page.

You can download an original Twitter icon and original background there, so please check it out.


About WILLPOLIS 2014 Tour Goods: G-SHOCK Limited Edition

April 21, 2014

Sales of the G-SHOCK Limited Edition [translator's note: it's a digital wristwatch] have been greater than expected.

They have immediately sold out at each show as soon as sales began, so we would like to apologize for the confusion.

In response to demand we have decided to manufacture additional goods of this kind to maximize sales.

To make this possible the below policy will be put into effect starting on 4/26 at the Ishikawa show.

• Maximum sales of this good will be reduced from 2 to 1 per person

• This good will only be sold to people with tickets to that day's show

Please be aware of these changes.

Sales method: purchase tickets will be distributed before sales open.

Please be aware that we may have to make considerations for further changes depending on how things progress.

Also, please be sure to have good manners and follows the rules while waiting in line so things can proceed calmly.

We apologize for the confusion for those who wish to purchase goods.

Thank you for your understanding.


BOC-AR Has Been Updated
April 18, 2014

The smart phone application BOC-AR has been updated.
You can update it on the App Store or Google Play.


The Music Video for “BUMP OF CHICKEN feat. HATSUNE MIKU「ray」” is Now Available

April 18, 2014

The vusic video for “BUMP OF CHICKEN feat. HATSUNE MIKU「ray」” is now available

on iTunes. Please check it out.


WILLPOLIS 2014 Tour Stage Plan and Ticket Sales Are Set (Nagoya Show Sales Desk)
April 11, 2014

Raffle sales for seats for the April 17 and April 18 shows in Nagoya and Nippon Gaishi Hall are decided.

Please see details at the special e+ page below.



Chama has Started a Twitter

April 4, 2014

Chama has started a twitter.

His account is @boc_chama (https://twitter.com/boc_chama).


WILLPOLIS 2014 Tour Goods Venue Sales Information

April 3, 2014

[About Tour Goods Advance Sales Opening Time]

Tour goods advance sales will begin at these times:
Chiba, Makuhari Messe: From 11:00 AM
Other locations: From 12:00 PM

*According to the situation, sales may begin around the appointed time or after

*Advance sales are open to those without tickets as well
*There are a limited number of goods, so please come to the venue early

[About Advance Sales Before Opening]

We expect a lot of confusion about advance sales.
For sales open only before the show, please stand in a line and be aware that sometimes the item you would like to purchase may be sold out.
There will be sales before, during, and after the show.

[About Limited Item Sales]

There is a limit to the goods being sold.
*G-SHOCK Limited Edition: 2 per person
*Other items: 1 of each type of item, up to a total of 10 different items
*However, there are 10 different colors of wrist bands, muffler towels, and mesh caps. There are also 10 different designs and colors of t-shirts in each size. 
We would like as many people as possible to be able to buy goods, so please be aware of the sales limits.

[About Credit Card Payments]

Please pay with a credit card if you will be spending more than 3,000 yen.
*Only lump-sum payments can be made
*According to the situation, the process may take time. Please be aware in advance.


Please be sure of the goods, size, and change you will need.
If there is a mistake with the change you are given, please let us know that day at the sales location.
It may not be possible to contact us to fix the issue after that day.

Official BUMP OF CHICKEN goods are sold at the performance venues.

They are not sold in street stalls.
Any goods sold outside the concert venue are infringing on the artists' rights and illegal, so please do not buy them.


Final Show of WILLPOLIS 2014 Tour in Tokyo Dome July 31st (Thurs) Advance Ticket Sales 

April 2, 2014

Advanced ticket sales for the final show of the WILLPOLIS 2014 tour in the Tokyo Dome on July 31st (Thurs) have been decided.

[Official Home Page Advance Lottery Sales]

1st sales period:

April 2, 12 PM through April 7, 11:59 PM

2nd sales period:

April 9, 12 PM through April 14, 11:59 PM

URL: http://eplus.jp/boc-willpolis2014final-hp/

Application limit:

4 tickets per person

To use you must be a registered e+ member (no entry fee or yearly fee)

[E+ Pre-Order Lottery Sales]

1st sales period:

April 15, 12 PM through April 21, 6 PM

2nd sales period:

April 22, 12 PM through April 28, 6 PM

Sales URL:


Application limit:

4 tickets per person

To use you must be a registered e+ member (no entry fee or yearly fee)


The "WILLPOLIS 2014" Tour Stage Plan is Now Set, and New Ticket Sales Locations are Added

April 1, 2014

Now that the stage plan is set, front row and stage side seats will go on sale.

Sales are open for these shows:

April 26 (Sat) at Kanazawa Ishikawa Prefecture Industry Exhibition Hall #4
May 3 (Sat) Niigata Toki Messe / Niigata Convention Center
May 10 (Sat) and 11 (Sun) at Fukuoka Marine Messe
May 17 (Sat) at Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
May 24 (Sat) Asty Tokushima
May 31 (Sat) and June 1 (Sun) Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center, Hokkaido Kita Yell
June 7 (Sat) and 8 (Sun) Hiroshima Green Arena
June 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun) Imperial Palace Sekisui Heim Super Arena (Grande 21)
July 6 (Sun) Okinawa Convention Center Exhibition Building

* Tickets will not be sold for the April 5 (Sat) & 6 (Sun) shows at Chiba Makuhari Messe, the April 17 (Thurs) and April 18 (Fri) shows in Nagoya, and the June 23 (Mon) and 24 (Tues) shows in Osaka.

Sales period:

April 7 (Mon) 12 PM through April 14 (Mon) 6 PM.

Sales URL:


Sales limit:

2 tickets per concert venue

To purchase you must be registered with e+ (no entry fee or yearly fee)


"They Who Wait for the Rainbow" Nominated in the "Best Video from a Film" Category in MTV VMAJ 2014!

March 28, 2014

"They Who Wait for the Rainbow" was nominated in the "Best Video from a Film" category in MTV VMAJ 2014, an international music video awards ceremony that is now in it's 13th year!!

Everybody, let's vote!

<How to vote>

You can vote by clicking the "Vote" button on the VMAJ 2014 official site (http://vmaj.jp). Voting is open both in Japan and internationally. The number of views for the music video online will also be counted in the poll.

[Translator's note: You can vote at the awards site but it's a bit confusing to get to the voting page. You can just go to: http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj2014/best-video-from-a-film/.]


「BUMP OF CHICKEN Live at STUDIO COAST」Postponement Announcement

March 20th, 2014

Thank you so much for always cheering on BUMP OF CHICKEN.

Recently it was found that member Fujiwara Motoo (vocals and guitar) had a lung pneumothorax, and he subsequently had surgery. His postoperative is going well and he is planned to be discharged from the hospital soon; he is headed towards recovery and will start rehabilitation.

The members and staff held a meeting and it was decided that the 「BUMP OF CHICKEN Live at STUDIO COAST」 show planned for March 31st should be postponed, in order for Fujiwara to recover for future live shows and for his own safety.

<Postponement Date Details>

Show for buyers of new album RAY

Date:July 15th (Tues)
Place:Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
Time:OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
Charge:Standing 6,300 yen (tax included・drink fee)
Information : BOC TICKET INFO (24 hour recorded information) 0180-993-602

Along with the postponement of the show, we will be closing the raffle ticket sales for admission into the show which began on March 12th (Wednesday.)

The raffle ticket sales will restart at the time and date listed below.

Sales will be held: March 25th (Tues) from 12 PM until April 2nd (Wed) 11:59 PM

*To apply you must use the ticket application URL and serial code found in the RAY first edition albums or the initial normal edition albums.

*All applications for tickets made between March 12th (Wed) and March 20th (Thurs) for the March 31st Shinkiba STUDIO COAST show have been cacelled. You must reapply to the raffle ticket sales to be eligible for the rescheduled show.

*Advance raffle ticket applications that opened on March 12th (Wed) for the July 31st Tokyo Dome show are still valid. The advance raffle ticket applications for this show will be accepted until March 24th (Mon) at 11:59 PM as planned.

We are deeply sorry to all the fans who were eagerly awaiting the show, and to everyone else who is concerned, for the worry and burden we have put upon you.

Currently, the "BUMP OF CHICKEN TOUR WILLPOLIS 2014" Japan-wide tour starting April 5th (Sat) at Makuhari Messe is to proceed as planned.

As always, thank you so much for your continuing support.

March 20th, 2014

Longfellow Ltd.
Livemasters Inc.


The Tour Page Has Been Updated

March 17, 2014

The details on BUMP OF CHICKEN Live in Taiwan 2014 have been updated.

For details please check out the tour page.


The "BOC-AR" Introduction Video Available

March 15, 2014

There is now a video that explains how to use the AR applicaiton "BOC-AR" on the RAY special site. You can see the members using the application too, so please check it out! [Translator's note: this application interacts with posters of RAY at stores where it's being sold and with the booklets found it the album, it seems. It's pretty neat looking! Check out the video on the site if you're interested. :)]

BUMP OF CHICKEN RAY special site: http://bump.mu/ray/

For smart phone access: http://bump.mu/sp/ray/


Media Information Update

March 13, 2014

The MAGAZINE / RADIO information in the MEDIA section has been updated.

For details check out the MEDIA INFO page.


BUMP OF CHICKEN's RAY feat. Hatsune Miku Music Video Available

March 13, 2014

The BUMP OF CHICKEN's RAY feat. Hatsune Miku music video is now available on RAY's special site. It is on the BUMP OF CHICKEN feat. HATSUNE MIKU special page. The detials of this collaboration are availble at this link so please check it out!

Web access: http://bump.mu/ray/miku.php

Mobile access: http://bump.mu/sp/ray/featmiku_index.php

Also, on the 39ch channel on Youtube you can watch the "Miku Channel Special Edition Video, the Making of RAY: BUMP OF CHICKEN feat. HATSUNE MIKU."

Please check this out too!

Crypton Future Media home page: http://www.crypton.co.jp/

Crypton Future Media special page: http://www.crypton.co.jp/cfm/news/2014/03/ray
Youtube / 39ch: http://www.youtube.com/user/HatsuneMiku


BUMP OF CHICKEN's RAY feat. Hatsune Miku Available

March 13, 2013

BUMP OF CHICKEN's RAY feat. Hatsune Miku is now available.

You can get it on Recochoku and iTunes.
Please check it out!

You can access Recochoku here: http://recochoku.jp/artist/30386697/


New Official Home Page

March 12, 2014

BUMP OF CHICKEN has a new official home page.

We will be showing you videos and pictures and other new content that has never been seen before. Please check it out!


Live Shows Information Update

March 10, 2014

The details about the BUMP OF CHICKEN Live at STUDIO COAST show and the BUMP OF CHICKEN TOUR "WILLPOLIS 2014" FINAL show at Tokyo Dome have been updated.

For datails check out the TOUR/LIVE page.


"They Who Wait for the Rainbow" Has Won in the MVA BEST YOUR CHOICE Award

March 7, 2014

"They Who Wait for the Rainbow" has won in the SPACE SHOWER MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS BEST YOUR CHOICE contest!

For details click this link: http://www.spaceshowertv.com/


Advance Order Special Gift Sticker Designs

March 7, 2014

There will be a special gift of various sticker designs for those who preorder the new album, RAY.

For details click this link: http://www.toysfactory.co.jp/artist/bumpofchicken


RAY Music Video Posted

March 7, 2014

The RAY music video is open to the public on a special site.



Notice About Additional Shows

Jan. 30, 2013


3/31 (Monday) Shinkiba Studio COAST 
See 「BUMP OF CHICKEN Live at STUDIO COAST」Postponement Announcement


7/31 (Thursday) Tokyo Dome!

Album RAY <Restricted to first edition and initial normal edition albums, special gift enclosed>

3/31 (Monday) Shinkiba Studio COAST / application required to get tickets
See 「BUMP OF CHICKEN Live at STUDIO COAST」Postponement Announcement


7/31 (Thursday) Tokyo Dome / first come first serve application required to get tickets
Ticket desk is open: March 12, 2014 (Wednesday) from noon until March 24, 2014 at 11:59 PM

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