Here are my translations of the songs by the band BUMP OF CHICKEN, from Japanese to English. I hope this lets more people appreciate the beautiful lyrics of BUMP!

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Update!

I finally posted the lyrics to You Were Here, and I'll be posting the lyrics to Fighter, Parade, Hello, World!, and Colony in the upcoming days. Unfortunately, as the lack of updates recently have shown, I'm just too busy to keep up with translating all of BUMP's news and activities (they do SO much.) I'm still going to leave those parts of the site up, but they won't get any more changes, probably. I might catch up with the staff diary when I have time though. I still love BUMP more than ever, of course, and as they release more and more songs and albums I'll keep posting the lyrics and translations here!! I feel like they are only continuing to get more awesome, as well as more popular, all the time!! Yeah!!! :D


  1. I'm really excited to see your translations of these songs, mostly because yours are probably among the better, more consistent translators around for Bump's music and I've been relying on this blog to understand their music for years now.

    Keep up the good work, mate!

  2. where are you? :( they've just released an album.. still waiting for your translation because there's no one else doing it and I can't read japanese XD I hope you'll come back soon! really grateful for what you're doing! :D

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  4. It's been 3 years, buy I still like to browse your amazing translation since I have no idea where other English speaking community here and I am not fluent in Japanese, thank you so much for your dedication on translating all of these!