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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Candy Song / 飴玉の唄 English Lyrics Translation


Candy Song

Because I believed in you, you can't betray me anymore
Because even if you did, I wouldn't know it was betrayal
Just don't become someone you're not

When you're sad, when you're happy, you always cry
If I say it's a problem, you cry even more, but it's really not a problem
I'll give you a candy

It's a candy from far away, arriving after many light years
It spans the single milimeter between me and you, who met, and I am here

Invisible God, we're not praying
When I touched your cold hand, I saw your heart

Things you can't hear, things you can't see, you can't describe them well and cry
Words that won't come out, strong feelings, you say there's not enough time

I won't remember about you and me forever
But if we don't say goodbye we don't have to become memories
Come on, let's have a slow, clumsy conversation
A conversation that doesn't need words

There are people who were meant for one another from hundreds of millions of long years ago
They spin together the single second in which we are alive together

Undying God, we're not praying
When I touch your fevered forehead as you cough, I understand your life

I believed in you, but what will I do if you disappear?
I can't stop thinking about it and I can't understand anything

If we're going to be separated some day, I'd rather just forget it all at once
Can I do it? No, it's impossible. I don't want to go!

I won't remember about you and me forever
But if I can't forget, then it won't become a memory

Hey, I'm scared, I can't stop and I can't say it
Do you believe in me? I don't want to go!

If you can't see it, if you don't die, but that won't be so
I don't want this! I want you! I don't want to go!

You eat the candy and smile

You haven't won, God. We don't lose or pray
I touch the last remaining moment of your life, and we have won everything

Invisible, undying, in our world
I touch your hand, I touch your fevered forehead

I smile too, I smile with you

Because I believed in you
I believed in you
I believed in you




僕は君を 信じたから もう裏切られる事はない
だってもし裏切られても それが解らないから
どうか 君じゃなく ならないで

悲しい時 嬉しい時 どちらにしても ほら泣く
困るでしょうって更に泣く あんまり困らないよ

何光年も遥か彼方から やっと届いた飴玉だよ
そういう1ミリを繋いで 君と出会えた 僕がいるよ

見えない神様 僕らは祈らない
冷えきった君の その手に触れて 心を見たよ

聞けない事 言えない事 上手に話せなくて泣く
出ない言葉 強い気持ち 時間が足りないと言う

僕は 君と僕の事を ずっと思い出す事はない
だってさよならしないなら 思い出にならないから
さぁ ゆっくり下手な 話をしよう
言葉の要らない 話をしよう

何億年も遠い昔から お互い知っている人がいるよ
そういう1秒を紡いで 僕と生きている 君がいるよ

死なない神様 僕らは祈らない
咳をする君の 熱に触れて 命を知るよ

僕は君を 信じたけど 君が消えたらどうしよう
考えると止まらないよ 何も解らなくなる

いつか君と 離れるなら いっそ忘れる事にしよう
出来るのかな 無理だろうな 離れたくないな

僕は 君と僕の事を ずっと思い出す事はない
だって忘れられないなら 思い出に出来ないから

ねぇ 怖いよ 止まらないよ 上手に話せやしないよ
君は僕を 信じてるの 離れたくないな

見えなければ 死ななければ だけどそんなの君じゃないよ
僕は嫌だよ 君がいいよ 離れたくないな

飴玉食べた 君が笑う

勝てない神様 負けない 祈らない
限りある君の その最期に触れて 全てに勝つよ

見えない 死なない 僕らの世界で
その手に触れて 熱に触れて

僕も笑うよ 君と笑うよ

僕は君を 信じたから



Even with a name like "Candy Song," this song along with Glass Blues, K, and Dandy Lion are probably BUMP's saddest songs… But they're never hopeless or tragic. Like the character in the story, I can't describe this song well with words, but why should I when it's already complete on its own? Go listen to it!!

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